Interview: Lucciano Da G Talks About His New Single "Juice" and the Hip-Hop Music Scene in Greensboro, NC

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We connected with Greensboro, NC based rap artist Lucciano Da G for an exclusive interview to discuss his new single “Juice” featuring Project Pat, as well as the Hip-Hop music scene in Greensboro, how he’s grown as an artist, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Lucciano Da G, be sure to listen to his track “Plug”, connect with him on his social media and check out the other Greensboro rap artists he mentions that are making major moves in the city.

Shout out to you for the release of your new single "Juice" featuring the Memphis rap legend Project Pat. How did you connect with him for the feature?

Project Pat has always been one of my favorite rappers. When I first reached out to him I didn't think he would respond... s/o to Pat for being a real OG. We hit him up through email and he contacted my manager and we went from there.

What comes next after "Juice"? Will the track appear on upcoming project?

What’s after “Juice”????? “BAGG-SEASON THE RE-UP” album on the way. That’s what I’m focused on right now and I got a lot of new material bout to hit for 2019.

How would you say that your life experiences are reflected in your songs like "Juice" and "Plug" and projects like "Loose Cannon Vol 4"?

“Loose Cannon” is basically me expressing myself. It's like a venting tool where I can just talk my talk. The song “Plug” is me giving the people an insight on how my life was before music...”Juice” is more so now, like, I GOT THE JUICE NOW!!! I'm that dude. That's how I feel and that's how I’m going to always feel.

From your first recorded track to now, how would you say that you've grown as a rap artist and music brand?

I've grown a lot. I've found my style now and I've found my sound. I've always been able to make a song but now I'm just better at it. My homies were real homies; if they ain't like something I did, they let me know. It made me work harder. Now, the only way is up.

Tell us about the scene for Hip-Hop music in Greensboro. Would you say that locals are supportive of artists based in the city or do they automatically tune away to whatever is going on in Atlanta?

The rap scene in Greensboro is amazing... it's a lot of talent out here man, but the artists I've seen the people lean towards and support real heavy are guys like Tune Savage, Big Diego, JJ So Icy, Chick, Spazz, and Lil Malik. It's a few more too; da homie Lil Gauge turnt crazy too. One thing about Greensboro is they don’t wave ride. If you’re hot, they’re gone like it'; if you’re wack, they’re going to tell you.

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