Interview: Mack Strong Talks About His New Single and Video "Man In The Mirror"

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Mack Strong is an emerging rap artist from Lumpkin, GA who recently released the song "Man In The Mirror", along with its visual. We connected with Mack for an exclusive interview to discuss "Man In The Mirror", find out who some of his musical influences are, as well as what he looks for in production, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Mack, be sure to stream "Man In The Mirror" on Spotify, and connect with him on his social media. We look forward to what's next to come from Mack musically because he's definitely on the upward trajectory!

It's clear that you poured your heart into your new song and video "Man In The Mirror"; salute to you for the introspection. What motivated you to write the song in the first place?

What motivated me to write this song was the fact of me knowing myself and being comfortable within my being. “You have to be the man to face the man in the mirror.”  Flaws and all, I accept myself and the decisions that I’ve made.  Now I’m ready to strategize and build with that same man to make better decisions because I’m not just living for me anymore. I have a family to feed and a younger generation looking up to me.

When someone hears or watches the video for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

I want them to see that your life is determined on the decisions you make, but the right decision made is progress in life.  The video tells two different stories.  One showing a young kid who sees things going on in the environment where he is raised and grows up with that same learned behavior. He is then placed in a situation that could’ve turned out very bad.  Then the story rewinds and shows this same kid refusing to follow the pattern of what he saw.  He instead chooses to follow his dreams of being a performer.  Both stories are tied to my real life. 

Is "Man In The Mirror" a part of an upcoming EP or album? If so, what's it called and when can we expect it? 

Right now, I’m just feeding my supporters until my name spreads enough for everyone to demand an album.  “The Book of Jewels” is a name that is sticking with me right now while I’m preparing for that moment though.  I mentioned that while I was writing one day and that kind of stuck with me as an idea for an album title.

Who are some Georgia rap artists who have influenced you as a creator?

Andre 3000, T.I., and Nix McKnight

What do you look for in the production that you use for your songs? 

Just a good connection.  I’m a very versatile artist and I can flow on anything.  There’s no particular sound I search for.  The right beat will find me and speak to me.  When that happens, I just go in the strong way!

Describe your creative process for us when it comes to developing new material.

Once I hear a beat that gives me that connection, the lyrics just come.  Whatever part of my life fits the particular sound or feel from the instrumental, that is what will be delivered in the moment.

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