Interview: Mawule Discusses His New Video "Anything" And Why He Uses Music For Empowerment


Mawule is a Denver based RnB artist, originally from Accra, Ghana, who just released a very heartfelt new visual entitled "Anything", which celebrates black parenthood and fatherhood. We connected with Mawule to find out what motivated him to write "Anything", how his move from Ghana to Denver impacted his growth as an artist, and much more.

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Tell us about the new visual for "Anything". What motivated you to write this song? 

Anything is about genuine love. My upbringing in a low income household with parents working multiple jobs to provide for my siblings and I inspired the song. With that in mind, I worked with my director Mia Ginae to portray this genuine love with the storyline of a single black father working hard and struggling to provide for his daughter. The goal was to shed a positive light on the black male image: spending time with their children, significant others and loved ones. In the end, we produced a video that celebrates black parenthood and fatherhood. 

Describe your move from Accra, Ghana to Denver at ten years of age and how that transition has molded you as an artist. 

My transition from Accra, Ghana to Denver was one of hardship. I struggled to assimilate to American culture and found myself getting picked on for being different, especially since my african accent was noticeable. Music was my escape, music was my coping mechanism, and music was my healing. I started writing music at this age, learning to communicate and express my emotions on paper. This was truly the start of my artistry. 

What are your thoughts about the music scene in Denver, specifically for urban music?

There are so many talented musicians in Denver that the world do not know about. Since I started my music career it's been amazing seeing some music peers and other local musicians gain small recognition here and there for their talent. I think Denver should be a city to keep eyes on because the artists in this city are ready to represent and put Denver on the map. 

Though you are an artist, you are also college educated with an undergraduate and Master's degree. Why is education important to you?

Education is important to me because it opened my mind to aspire beyond my limitations. The more I learned the more confidence I gain in believing in myself and what I wanted to do. When I hit road blocks, I had a foundation to rely on to pick myself back up to keep on moving. Education showed me the way, it shows me many paths I didn't know existed. It's the reason why I still have two full time jobs: working in the music industry and working in higher education at the University of Denver. I feel blessed because I get to live out my two passions every single day. 


What do you enjoy most about being an artist and what made you choose to use your music as a means to empower the listener and community at large?

I enjoy getting the opportunity to create space for important messages and overall using my gift as a means to create awareness for social issues relevant to our time. My life experiences motivated me to use my music as a means to empower listener. I want people to know that they are not alone no matter what they might be going through. Music is a form of therapy for a lot of people so what better way to take responsibility with that knowledge and put positive vibe and messages out in the world. 

If you had to describe your music in three words, which ones would you select?

Powerful, thought provoking, and smooth

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