Interview: Melbourne Based Artist/Producer Sixteenleo Talks About His New Single "Strawberry Lips"

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We connected with Melbourne based artist/producer Sixteenleo for an exclusive interview to discuss his self-produced new single “Strawberry Lips”. We also got a chance to pick Sixteenleo’s brain about why his former residence, California, inspires him musically, what his goals are for the remainder of 2019, and much more.

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Major salute to you on the creation and release of "Strawberry Lips". Describe your creative process for the track.

Thank you. I had been producing music for a little while and the instruments started to stagnate in my head. So I wanted to go for an ambient dream like soundscape. It took a little effort but I found some inspiration and got the beat made, and that night in my dreams came up with the opening hook. It just seemed to work.

Can we expect a visual to follow soon for "Strawberry Lips"?

I would love to do music videos right now but I’m more focused on the sound at this point. In saying that my homie Elvin of IDCO, (an amazing choreography and dance group from New Zealand) is shooting a dance video to ”Strawberry Lips” right now, and I’ll possibly use that as an official visualizer because they're amazing, so the collab would be great.

Where specifically are you based in Australia and what's the scene like for RnB/Soul music there?

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I’m based out of Melbourne right now. I live way out of the city so I actually don’t know much about RnB in Aus. I’m actually more of a rapper, but I also sing so I try to keep tabs on both genres, although I’m quite self contained at this point. Hopefully it is good though because there are so many amazing artists coming out of Aus these days.

You've mentioned that you're planning to move back to California and continue making music there. What about Cali inspires you musically?

Cali is where I started music. I bought my first second hand keyboard there for 38 dollars. I had no musical knowledge whatsoever when I started music, and I lived in a small complex where the neighbours would furiously knock on my door and tell me to stop with the noise. Such great memories. I'd love to return one day to fully base myself in America, I think my sound truly resonates with that country because it’s where I started.

What are some of your musical goals for the rest of 2019? Can we expect to hear "Strawberry Lips" on an upcoming project?

I have a stash of music already done so I’ve got songs for the rest of the year covered. Right now my plan is to be consistent and put out one to two songs a month. I have no official plans to drop and EP or album as of yet, rather I'd like to build and increase my fan base and listenership. Once I have enough people I’ll be more than happy to drop a full length project, as I already have a few done.

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