Interview: MIA Based Rap Artist Kid Berg

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We connected with Miami based rap artist Kid Berg for an exclusive interview to discuss his hit single and visual "The Hideaway", featuring Redlyte, as well as find out which Miami artists have influenced him the most, and much more.

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Tell us about the “The Hideaway” song itself. What led you to create the track and how did you connect with Redlyte for the feature?

The Hideaway actually didn’t happen until about 20 hours into recording it. I did something completely different with that song and all I could think about was that it needed the baddest Reggae artist I could get, and luckily I met Redlyte right around that time. 

In regards to the video, congrats on that visual. It turned out very dope. Who directed the video and how did you come up with the treatment?

Appreciate that I always take pride in my music videos! This one was directed and treated by Woodrops, the master of the video hustle. We both came up with The Hideaway idea together, but he’s the type of person that can see it all in his head from day 1.

Being from Miami, who are some MIA artists who have influenced your music?

Ricky Rozay, Trick Daddy, and Pitbull are the bread and butter of the 305 and I’m influenced by all 3 of their empires.

Every artist had to start somewhere, so tell us about how you got starting writing rhymes? What was your first song? 

Let’s take you back to about 2010, let’s just say my best friend was a notepad! Sometimes it’s easier to get something off your chest onto a piece of paper; people judge too much.

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