Interview: Miami's Meenindeath Discusses His New Mixtape "High Thoughts N Conversations"


Our latest exclusive interview is with Miami based rap artist and producer Meenindeath, who just dropped a new mixtape entitled "High Thoughts N Conversations". We connected with Meenindeath to discuss his new release, learn more about the Bird and Rich Old Beggar platforms and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your mixtape "High Thoughts N Conversations". How did this project come together? How long did it take to record and who produced on it?

The project came together  over this summer. Started in June and finished August 1st. I had a lot time transitioning from undergrad to law school, so I pretty much did this tape over the entire summer. It was Yung Dish and I just sitting in my house making beats and rapping until we got some songs we liked. Other beats were copped from a series of different producers that I like to listen to online. Shoutout to the Dish and the other producers bringing heat on this tape. 

High Thoughts N Conversations.jpg

What does the mixtape title "High Thoughts N Conversations" mean?

“High Thoughts N Conversations” came out of a multitude of conversations I have had with my friends over the last year. Each song is in direct reference to a topic in which my friends and I would talk and argue about for hours. Of course its also a double entendre…… 

Tell us about life as a rapper and producer in Miami. Who has influenced you and how do you stand out from the other local artists trying to make noise like you?

Life as a rapper is something I feel kinda separated from simply because of my daily schedule as a student as well. But, I feel like I fit into the culture of a bunch of up & coming artists who value lyrical & musical content equally. 

What are the platforms, Bird and Rich Old Beggar? How do you fit it with them?

Bird is a collective/label that connects artists and musicians across the country. It was started by Tom Klimek, a musician I went to school with, and now him, myself, and a bunch of other musicians at Tufts, and across the country, are apart of it. There is so much talent between producers, rappers, singers, musicians and all around artists that we have been in contact with--we had to bring it all together. There is a wide variety of music genres displayed at "Bird” so there is something for everyone. Stay tuned for the dopeness that will result from all of us at “Bird.” Rich Old Beggar is a website I founded with two of my friends in order to showcase the wide variety of artists we all knew around the country. Bird brings some of the artist showcased on the website into an actual collective/label. Also, look out for “Cognizant Culture Ent.” they are another label I am affiliated with and they are bringing heat as well. 

How do you juggle your aspirations as an artist and producer as well as your education since you are studying entertainment law and business?

Coffee, water and little sleep. 

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