Interview: Mik’Que Discusses His New Track "Parallel" and How DC is Represented in His Music

Mik’Que music.jpeg

Major thanks to Mik’Que who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his new single “Parallel”. We also got a change to talk with Mik’Que about how his hometown of DC is represented in his music, what he learned about himself as a creator since his “Paradise” EP dropped last year, and why he feels dope music and visual aesthetics go hand in hand.

After reading our Q&A with Mik’Que, be sure to connect with him on IG and Twitter, and check out his very DOPE “Paradise” EP below.

Tell us about your creative process when developing your new track "Parallel". Also, how did you decide on the Wynter produced instrumental?

So my creative process is basically locking myself in the studio for a couple hours and listening to the beat over and over again until I find a base (how I wanna start it) and it’s take off from there.

I’ve been fucking with the Wynter beat for a min. This is our 2nd collab; bro talented. That’s my go to producer.

How would you say that Washington DC is represented in your music?

DC is represented in my music by my language and the slang that I say in my verses. Some people might not know what I’m saying in some of my songs, so it’s definitely DC based.

Will "Parallel" be a part of a larger EP or album? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Most definitely; “Parallel” will be a part of a 4-5 song EP that will feature a couple of your DMV favorites. Stay tuned.

You released a 7-track project last year entitled "Paradise"; what have you learned about yourself as a music creator since it dropped?

I’ve learned how I’ve grown as a lyrical rapper and as a beat producer myself and choosing certain beats is critical in a person that has never heard your music before, so I’m much more cautious with that and dumbing down my lyrics as well because a lot of listeners are not used to the shit that’ll make me think twice.

Looking through your profile on Spotify, it's clear that you have a great eye for visuals, as your song cover graphics are all distinctive and memorable in their own way.

Would you say that dope music and visual aesthetics, whether it be cover artwork or fashion, are connected?

Most definitely. If you have a dope ass cover art people will definitely click that shit and see what your music is talking about. You definitely can’t have no 7 eleven ass cover art and expect people to click and see what it’s talking about. I’ve made all of my cover art myself because I am very picky on what is uploaded as far as music and cover art.

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