Interview: Mini Producer Discusses Her Song "Yeah Yeah" With Raphael Cash and Her Creative Process for Developing New Beats

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Mini Producer is taking the music world by storm with her dynamic sounds, contagious personality and larger than life presence. Despite being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare disorder that impacts her height, has her rely on a wheelchair to get around and overcome many obstacles, she’s still had the drive to master the music production and creative process.

Mini Producer is becoming a viral sensation, being featured on major college publications, major press (Daily Mail), international documentaries that gained massive attention, and viral producer segments that amassed hundreds of thousands of hits. Mini Producer is focused on spreading her impact and inspiring youth to follow their dreams; she plans on launching a public speaking tour called, "Rolling In Style" where she will be impacting youth around the country and teaching the fundamentals of production and creativity. Catch Mini Producer with her signature red stripe, bowtie, and short hair as she drops sick tunes and impacts the world with her platform.

We connected with Mini Producer for an exclusive interview to discuss her recently featured track with artist Raphael Cash, “Yeah Yeah”, as well as her creative process for beat development and her goals for the remainder of 2018. After reading our Q&A with Mini Producer, be sure to follow her on social media and if you are an artist and looking for dope beats, check out her store in the Starter Kit section.

How did you get started as a producer and who are some producers that have inspired you?

I’ve always loved music and had been around some family friends that had music programs on their MacBooks. So, I was able to mess around with it and just see what sounds could work together. When I got my own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) it was Mixcraft. I was just putting together the loops together that came with the program and created beats. I would upload those beats to YouTube and this was about 5 years ago when I started doing that. I used Mixcraft up until I got to college in 2014 when a few months in I met an artist who introduced me to FL Studio. Once I got the hang of it, I got serious and started cranking out beats all the time. I was working with artists on campus freshman year and selling beats. I got my logo that year as well and it helped shape the Mini Producer brand. As for producers who have inspired me, I would say the producer that inspires me, in particular, is Wondagurl. I’ve always loved her production and, wanted my kicks and 808s to hit as hard as hers do.

Tell us about how you connected with Raphael Cash for his track "Yeah Yeah" that you produced?

So, Raphael Cash and I connected because he’d made a track a while ago that he released on SoundCloud and I loved it. I had reached out to him around that time which was a little over a year ago and we stayed in contact off and on. Then I started hearing more of his work and I was like man we really need to work together. He ended up purchasing some beats from me and I ended up telling him I wanted to have a Zaytoven and Gucci Mane type of relationship. He mentioned he was thinking the same thing, he just wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. Once we squared away the details, we just started working. Not too long after that conversation, he commented on a post that featured a beat called Destiny and I sent it over to his email. The same day he sent me back “Yeah Yeah” and we both agreed it was a hit. I’m now one of his personal producers and the journey we’ve been on has been great so far!

What music software/hardware do you use to create your beats?

I use FL Studio 11 Producer Edition to make beats.

What's your creative process for developing new beats? How do you know when a beat you've been working on is complete?

When I start a beat, I’ll usually create a piano melody and if I don’t decide to stick with the piano sound then I’ll switch it out with another sound like an arp. After that, I’ll build on the main melody by adding counter melodies to help fill up the beat. My go-to sounds are piano, arps, and pads. Next, I’ll add the drums, so that I can add the bounce to the beat. When I beat is done a beat, I’ll know based off of feeling. Once I structure everything out and have it mixed right, I know I’m good to go. I feel going a more simplistic route when creating beats works for me because I can still make something simple sound interesting.

What do you look for in the artists that you collaborate with on songs?

When I’m looking to collaborate with an artist, I’m going off of vibes. Meaning, if we start to work together and something is off then it probably won’t last too long. I love being able to build with an artist and get to know what their sound is. I want an artist who is just as passionate or even more passionate about music than I am. Also, an artist who is about business and knows how to handle themselves when it comes to getting things out the way. Such as registering a song with a PRO or figuring out what type of license they want when they pick out a particular beat. Artists that are willing to work together and put in some effort, are winners in my book.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2018?

My goals musically for the remainder of this year are to continue to work with more talented artists. To keep developing my sound and see more growth as a producer. Some placements would be nice, whether that’s with other artists or even placements for film and TV. As long as my beats or songs that I’m doing are being heard then I’ll be happy.

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