Interview: Mini Producer x The CAB Portal Rap Contest Winner Jwill Coolin

Jwill Coolin interview.png

Major salute to Jwill Coolin, the Stone Mountain, GA based artist who is the winner of the Mini Producer x The CAB Portal Rap Contest. We connected with talented artist for an exclusive interview to discuss the contest, his creative process for song development, what he looks for in production, and much more.

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Congratulations on your winning of the rap contest. How long it took you to write and record your submission?

It took me an hour to write the song but fifteen minutes to record it.

Not just for your submission but for your music overall, describe your creative process when it comes to song development.

I go into any production thinking about how happy I am for myself, family, and friends. Painting a picture describing the blessing it is to be in any situation. Mixed with the discipline that I have been shown to have by various influences, I have learned to tell great stories of success, adventure, and happiness without having to exaggerate any details.

What do you look for in the production that you select when writing music?

I listen for what i see and talk about what I am hearing. The name of the instrumental sparks my interest.

What are your goals musically for this new year 2019?

To give my nephew more music to laugh and clap to when he hears it.

What's one thing (ie bad habit) that you plan on leaving in 2018 related to your music. Why?

Corrupted Sessions. I have a lot of unreleased music that has been lost due to me sampling some older songs of mines. As well when switching hard drives and updating software, things are bound to happen.

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