Interview: Minnesota Rapper BangGang Mo Discusses His New Single "Broken Promises"

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We connected with BangGang Mo, a talented rapper born in Chicago and raised in Minnesota, for an exclusive interview to discuss his Sketchmyname produced track “Broken Promises”, as well as his creative process for developing new music. We also talked about what he looks for in beats, how he differentiates himself from the legendary artists like Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, and Eminem, that have inspired his music, and much more.

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Where specifically are you based in Minnesota and what's the scene like for hip-hop music there for emerging artists such as yourself?

I grew up all around Minnesota. Rochester, St. Cloud, Bemidji, the "cities" is Minneap and St. Paul. Know a lot of artists from all over. I’m currently out of state at the moment but will be back soon most def. The Hip-Hop scene is cool; shout out guys like Young Nuk who is my brother by the way. He’s out in Houston right now promoting his music. Mista Maeham is an underground artist I listen to, you know, certain people I like. For me the hip-hop scene has major talent but it’s not where it should be.

As far as promoting and shows, and trying to create energy, it’s lacking a lot. Maybe it’s just my observation. You have to be willing to take risks and make connections, stay on good terms with anybody you run across. I feel if everyone start working together that will create the buzz in our hip-hop scene. Too many dudes trying to be top dawg instead of feeding off each other, in my opinion.

What inspired you to write your "Broken Promises" track? Would you say that your lyrics are based on personal experience?

Everyday life. Dealing with certain situations and relationships and trying to decipher who has your best interest or not. I mostly base the songs that I create based of emotions so its more authentic. So when I tell my story I want it to relate to others based off my experience, so yes it has meaning, but it also can connect to someone else listening going through something similar.

How did you connect with the producer Sketchmyname and what attracted you to his beat?

Honestly, just surfing looking for beats. I was looking for a different sound based off the mood I was in, and sometimes when you run across something it just sticks to you, so I had to bless it. It's most definitely hot work on his part. I’ll be working with his sound more in the future.

How do you as an artist and music brand differentiate yourself from the legendary artists who have inspired your creativity?

I tend to focus more on the way I deliver. And usually if I like a song from any artists it’s because of the way they put the song together, how they made meaning behind it. Instead of taking someone’s flow, you study it and start to develop your own. I've been listening to those guys since I was like 5 or 6, so I just came out with my own way and style. I feel like when you are authentic and original, that in itself differentiates you from anybody else.

A lot of dudes nowadays sound the same. It’s a few exceptions but it’s all about sticking to the base of Hip-Hop, the foundation. Once you do that you can achieve success in whatever you do. Like, you want someone to know your voice when they turn on the radio. Be you, be different but keep it original and authentic.

Speaking of creativity, describe your creative process when it comes to songwriting and beat selection when developing new music.

You just have to feel it, be in the moment. I really don’t plan songs, it just comes to me when I’m vibin out to a beat. If I'm frustrated or irritated that day I might hit you with something angry, you know? If I feel like spending money, I might hit you with a club banger. Unless someone send me something, then I just follow their concept.

Beat selection is usually my first task. Get in the zone, let the words come to you. I always make sure when I lay out the track, everything has to fit. Meaning, everything has to stay on concept. Metaphors, wordplay is something that comes to you the more gain experience in songwriting. Vibe has to match the beat.

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