Interview: Montgomery, AL Based Rapper Xzayvier

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We connected with Montgomery, AL based rapper Xzayvier for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released single “Save Me”, as well as the Hip-Hop music scene in Montgomery, his thoughts about standing out as an artist and more.

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What one thing inspires you the most to create music?

One thing that really inspires me to continue doing music is the positive effect it was on my mental health. Making songs about things I've gone through is something like a coping mechanism, or therapy.

Congrats on the release of the very dope track "Save Me", which is about a toxic relationship. Was this track based on personal experience?

Definitely, “Save Me” is loosely based on a wild rollercoaster of a relationship I had a few years ago. There was always drama and fighting, just really unhealthy for everyone involved.

Tell us about the Hip-Hop music scene in Montgomery for emerging rappers such as yourself. Are locals supportive of homegrown talent?

I'll say this. The music scene is recovering. We had a tragedy a few years back and it really seems like the local scene is coming back together recently. Locals are slowly becoming more responsive and supportive. Usually all it takes is a co-sign from someone already popular, no matter how good or bad your music is.

What are your thoughts about the state of southern Hip-Hop in 2018?

I love southern Hip Hop. I always have. I think it's amazing that the region I'm from has been the birthplace of so many innovators and staples in the culture.

How do you stand out from other artists chasing the same ears and attention that you are?

I feel like every artist has a story. I have a thousand stories and they're all true. I've been placed in so many different types of situations, settings, and things like that, it's shaped me in a way that's been totally unprecedented. I make music that such a wide spectrum of people can relate to that its hard to ignore me.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album "Heart on my Sleeve"? Do you have a release date and will "Save Me" be featured on it?

I don't like to put release dates on projects until they are perfect and right now it's too far out. You can expect it early 2019 though. “Save Me” definitely will be on it along with some of the best music I've ever done. “Heart On My Sleeve” will be something that you've never heard but at the same time it will feel so familiar to everybody.

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