Interview: Montgomery, AL Rapper Lord Coonie Talks About His New Video "Chee$ecake" and The Fear Bleach Family

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We connected with Montgomery, AL based rapper Lord Coonie for an exclusive interview to discuss his new music video “Chee$ecake”, as well as his crew The Fear Bleach Family, the Hip-Hop scene in his city, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new video "Chee$ecake"; it’s a very dope visual, one that you directed yourself. Tell us about how you came up with the treatment and why you decided to shoot a video for the track.

Well basically we shot the classroom scene months ago and I just basically wanted to be in a place that I hated doing what I love, so we broke into the classroom that I hated most at the college down the street from the studio. And I just chose that song to shoot because of how it made me and the homies feel.

Will the "Chee$ecake" track be a part of an upcoming EP or album? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Yeah it’s gone be on the Fear Bleach family compilation tape “Bleach World Tour”. The Bleach compilation tape is going to feature all the artist from the group and what’s so crazy about us is that we all have different sounds, so I’m interested to see how it’s going to turn out.

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If you could have any rapper appear on a remix to "Chee$ecake", who would you select?

Any rapper I’d say it’s like a four way tie between Tyler The Creator, $ilkmoney, Master P, or Redman and Method Man.

Tell us about The Fear Bleach Family; how it originated and what you guys have planned for the remainder of 2019.

The Fear Bleach Family is a group of motherfuckers who don’t wanna do anything but get lit and create art that reflects the shit that we’re into. It’s a lot of members outside of the artists and producers; we have a team of photographers and skaters, so we got our hands in a lot of shit.

Describe the Hip-Hop music scene in Montgomery, AL; what's the best venue in the city for Hip-Hop and are locals supportive of homegrown talent?

To be honest, there’s like three different scenes in Montgomery and I love all three honestly. We have the whole lil twerk scene and the trap scene and the underground scene, but the underground people here rarely get any love but we don’t trip; we just continue to create, where as the guys who make twerk music and trap music have a bigger platform but it’s cool I guess idk.

What are some things that inspire you to create new music?

Beer and the fact that I just love music, man.

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