Interview: New Jersey Based Artist/Producer Eric Skye Talks About His New Album "Nice Guys Finish First"

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We connected with New Jersey based singer-songwriter, producer, and rapper Eric Skye to discuss his newly released album “Nice Guys Finish First”. During our conversation, we also got the opportunity to ask about his creative process for the development of the album’s songs, whether we can expect some visuals soon, how he deals with writer’s block, and much more.

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Congratulations on the completion and release of your album "Nice Guys Finish First". Tell us about your creative process for the development of the songs.

Thank you so much, I appreciate that. My creative process involved a lot of late nights in my mom’s apartment, a lot of self reflection and a whole bunch of experimentation when it came to the recording and mixing. I’d make a beat, write a song behind it, add layers to it and listen to the song for hours so I can try to figure out how I can take the song and push it to the next level. I’d pretty much do that every day. So many songs didn’t make the project, but it all ended up working out.

What does the album's title "Nice Guys Finish First" mean exactly?

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“Nice Guys Finish First” was a phrase I came up with that meant to never count the anyone out. I have always been underestimated because of who I was or because I was genuinely a good person.

Whether it be sports, with girls and even with music I was always overlooked and mistreated. This album was a statement to everyone that ever doubted me that I will finish first. I will surprise you. Hopefully it grabbed everyone’s attention.

Are you planning on releasing visuals for any of the album's songs?

Yes! We are actually in the works of shooting a few music videos from the album. We may even create a short film using all of the music from the album.

I can tell you that “Gone” is definitely one we are working on. That will be one of the first videos to release.

Finish this sentence - "When someone listens to the album for the first time, they will..."

When someone listens to the album for the first time, they will feel every emotion that I have felt these past couple years. I’m taking you on a journey through my toughest relationship experiences in my life so far as well as my most euphoric experiences. When someone listens to this album for the first time, they will be on a journey. It is a story from top to bottom.

As someone who is heavily involved in the creative process every step of the way with your music, how do you deal with writer's block?

Writer’s block is something every writer goes through and it can be very frustrating. Usually if I get writer’s block, I stop what I’m doing, take a break from writing and grab something to eat or watch a video. I like to take my mind off of writing for awhile so I don’t force anything. I always want the lyrics to come naturally. The best thing to do is to not get discouraged. Keep a positive mindset, and trust the process.

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