Interview: New Jersey Based Rap Artist King Salomon

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We connected with Roselle, New Jersey based rap artist King Salomon for an exclusive interview to discuss his latest single "Night Before", which will appear on his upcoming project "Pain", and so much more. 

Enjoy our Q&A with the talented and driven New Jersey native and be sure to connect with him on social so you'll know when "Pain" will is dropping.

Tell us about the name “King Salomon”; what does it represent for you?

The name “King Salomon” represents my real last name and the legacy it holds in Haiti. I was blessed to have an ancestor that was once the president of the country, so the name is very close to me and represents what I am see myself becoming in the music industry. 

When someone hears your new song “Night Before” for the first time, what do you want the listener to take away from the experience?

I want the listener to enjoy it and allow the vibes of the song to consume them. The song holds a much deeper meaning then the surface, but I also want people to just hear the record and smile and jump around and just soak in the vibes. 

How will your upcoming project “Pain” be different from your first project “"The Book Of Salomon Chapter 1”?

“Pain” is different then my first album because of the growth then can be heard and felt in the music. I will dive much deeper into my life and thoughts then I eve have with Pain, and I hope people will be able to understand me more after listening to the project. 

What have you learned about yourself as an artist between the release of “The Book Of Salomon Chapter 1” and the soon-to-be-released “Pain” project?

I learned that I can really expand my music and be able to create music that can not only affect others but even affect myself. My sound and style has been worked on so much that I am proud to have my own style of music that sounds like nothing that is out.

Tell us about the Hip-Hop music scene in Roselle, NJ. Would you say that the area is supportive of its local talent? 

The hip Hop scene is Jersey is rising and rising quickly. It is a place that has a lot of talent and if you are someone that has the talent and is willing to be out there and show people your talent you will get the support you’re looking for. 

Can we expect a visual for “Night Before” to be released before you drop “Pain”?

I’m shooting the video for “Night Before” end of the month so expect the video by August.

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