Interview: New Jersey Based RnB/Neo-Soul Artist and Musician Sonny Dumarsais

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Transition is the key word for our next exclusive DCWS interview with New Jersey based RnB/Neo-Soul artist and musician Sonny Dumarsais. He just released his first EP, a five song jewel entitled "Transition" and we look forward to sharing our discussion with Sonny about the new release, his transition from bandmate to solo artist, his dream collaboration and much more, with you.  

After reading our interview with Sonny, be sure to stream/download "Transition" on iTunes, and follow him on his social media streams. Last but not least, stay tuned because our in-depth review of the EP is coming very soon. 

I've seen you with your trusty guitar in several promo pics. How did you learn to play the instrument and how did losing your prized guitar affect you?

I learned to play guitar because of the suggestion of my mentor Donnie Atis.  At the time when Donnie took me under his wing, I was a drummer.  There were many drummers in my church, so Donnie suggested I tried something different; I chose to play guitar. Once I took the guitar in my hands, I never looked back. I practiced my guitar everyday for hours. My guitar was precious to me and it hurt to loose it in my house fire.  So, the lesson I learned when I lost my prized Guitar in the fire is: “Material things come and go, but life is life. You only get one chance at life.” 

What did your time as a member of the band "Plan B" teach you about artistry and playing live? When/how did you decide to become a solo artist?

“Plan B” is a collective of young Haitian American men who all grew up together playing music as a group in church. We enjoyed playing music. We wanted to branch out of the church setting and play other types of music. That’s when we started playing weddings, open mics and different restaurant gigs. We did it all, from placing as finalists in the McDonald's Gospel Fest, to playing with RnB artist Lyfe Jennings. I had been writing songs that were collecting dust in a box in my bedroom. In 2016 it dawned on me that I wanted to offer more music to the RnB genre. I wanted to become a solo artist. That is when I made the decision to reach out to C. Natasha Richburg & her company Jeremiah’s Kall so I could be developed as a solo artist. The rest has been history. 

Congratulations on your debut EP "Transition". What motivated you to write the songs on this five-track project? And were there songs that did not make the cut for it?

Awesome Question! Thank-you very much first and foremost! “Transition” was a very organic project for me! We slated to release a project. So, from October to February I just locked myself in the studio and wrote my heart out. Writing was tough at first because I had writers block. I was dealing with a bad breakup and really didn’t know what to write about.  My manager had me come to a Maryland recording studio just to give me a change of scenery to help clear my head. The change in scenery worked! I was able to write the EP and produce it since the music flowed from my mind easily. Writing, playing guitar, singing and producing the songs for this project was an incredible experience! The studio sessions were just magic! And yes, we have many songs that didn’t make the cut.  We are saving the songs for a later time or just when energy of the times is ready! 

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What are you most proud of with this project?

I’m most proud of the fact that the EP “Transition” came to me organically.  Most of the songs featured on “Transition” came to me while I was driving up and down the New Jersey turnpike while playing beats in my car that I’ve recorded for the EP. The songs just came! Besides “Love Changes,” which I wrote while I was still in love but changed some lyrics to fit the narrative of my real life story, the remaining songs came alive in the studio. Hopefully my follow-on album will continue the organic vibe.  We want to make something just as organic, equally uplifting and dope! 

Tell us about Jeremiah’s Kall Productions. What is this organization and why is it important to you?

This organization is everything to me! Jeremiah’s Kall is a production company that specifically focuses on young men, like myself, to help find our full potential as an Artist. Ms. Richburg developed me as an artist for 6 rigorous months. During that period of time, I learned things I needed to know as a professional and a businessman! Jeremiah’s Kall is catapulting my career.  I’m grateful to my manager Ms. C. Natasha Richburg for believing in me when all I had to show her was a scratch vocal version of my first single “Pick Up”! She’s been a blessing to me. I thank God for Jeremiah’s Kall and a manger that believes in me.  

If you could collaborate on a song with any artist (dead or alive), who would you select and what would you call the song?

I would 100 percent collaborate with D’angelo!!! That’s my favorite artist of all time.  If I ever get the opportunity to open for him, I would be forever grateful.  Several years ago, I was in Aruba playing for Elle Varner at the Souls Beach Festival, while there I got to witness D’angelo perform “Really Love” 4 years before it was officially released [the song eventually won the Grammy] (fun fact). For me, the song “Really Love” was like my favorite Haitian food, or like Soul food, filling my soul you know.  D’angelo’s performance of “Really Love” was the funkiest, most soulful ride of my life lol. Seriously! I’d love to be in the studio with D’angelo. He can name the song whatever he wants lol.

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