Interview: New Rochelle Based Rapper, Director and Label Executive Jesse Scott III

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Jesse Scott III is a New Rochelle based rap artist, director, and label executive who recently released the self-directed video for his track “The Finisher”, so it’s only right that we connect with him for an exclusive interview. During our time with Jesse, we talked about the visual for “The Finisher”, as well as his label 3rd & 9th Records, and we found out how he stands out from the crowd of other rappers trying to grab the limelight and ears of the street.

After reading our Q&A with Jesse, be sure to connect with him on his website and social media, and check out his last release “SUPREME” on Spotify.

Congratulations on the release of your video "The Finisher", which you directed, shot and edited. Tell us about how you came up with the treatment and how the video shoot went overall.

This was a fun visual to put together. Usually by the time I'm done recording the record I pretty much have a strong base idea of how I want the visual aspect of the record to come across. So when I heard "The Finisher" once it was complete, I already have the concept and idea of some form of a battle do to the lyrics in the hook, "Who ever's at the top ima finish them". From there, it was pretty much an avalanche effect.

One idea pilled on top of one another and molded all together to create the overall product. I knew I wanted to have a distinguishing color throughout the video and a red Gi was perfect. Once the main pieces were in place I just needed an opponent and a location for all of this to happen. One of my best friends who resides in an area in New Rochelle, New York in which I've always wanted to film something at. So once it all was planned out in my head and on paper I reached out and told him I was pulling up to make it happen. And like a true great friend he didn't hesitate to assist me in the project.

Since we know each other very well and we both are creators at heart, once the camera was on and I gave him some simple direction on how I wanted the overall look, it was a breeze and a ton of fun. I actually put a lot of work in to post editing process, color grading and adding in new techniques and elements into this video that I've always wanted to do in general. So overall it was just a great experience, not most rappers shoot and direct their own videos so it feels good to be different and in control.

Regarding the track itself, what inspired you to write it and how did you connect with Penacho Beats who provided the instrumental?

The inspiration for me like many of the records I write comes from the initial play of the beat. Within the first couple of seconds I usually go with organically comes out of my mouth or head. So sometimes it may be a flow or cadence and in some cases a couple of bars will hit and land right off the rip from a small freestyle. I like to get a feel for the beat and go with what flows from my head to record the smoothest. After that I build bar by bar and end up laying down a hook after scripting up my first verse. Other times this process can be completely backwards, i honestly never know until the music plays.

Linking up with Penacho Beats was kind of the average to be honest. Like many rappers I'm always looking for new beats and fresh sounds. But the difference with me is once I find a producer who has a swing or bounce I particularly like I tend to focus on working with them to create a unison sound of records that I may string together. Overall I love the way this man put his records/productions together. And over time I've learned to never sacrifice quality so I continue to work with those who supply such and nothing less, always more.

Tell us about 3rd & 9th Records and what your goals are for this label.

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3rd & 9th Records is my home and family. This is where I was created and built up from. We actually started this journey a few years back under a different name and with more members/artists. This was known as I & I The Tribe aka Inspiration and Innovation. From there we developed a circle of particular individuals being Marvill Martin, Cullen Martin and myself. We all knew how serious we were about making this music a reality, career and future. So we all locked in, made the proper investments and moves which granted us the space and time to do all that we're doing now.

Our goal is to be self sustaining and be able to offer jobs and opportunities to other creators, rappers, singers, producers, engineers, etc. In addition to taking our sound as a whole and individually to the masses around the globe.

How would you say that you as an artist and music brand stand out from all the other rappers who are attempting to reach the ears of the same music fans as you are?

I can definitely say that I truly do my own thing. I'm not creating my brand and music behind a theme, idea or gimmick. I connect with my fans on a one on one basis. Over time with creating with other artist and travel. I've seen an overall theme among many rappers. They all want to be very involved by also extremely elusive. It's a contradiction to me and hurts the image of the artist. I make myself accessible to a lot of people for the simple idea of collaborating with a dope artist.

In addition, which I tend to make a point about regularly, I love the fact that I am not one dimensional. In this day and age I think it's extremely vital to be able to put your hands in every aspect of your business based off experience and not because of ownership. I outsource for a lot of things but because I've taught myself many aspect and skills of this game. I'm way more involved in my process and development. I know how to work a camera, make beats, mix, master, engineer, promote, market and in addition I know a large part of the legal and business aspect of the game.

I have come across a lot of artists that really have no idea how much goes in to being a "Rapper" which is all in all another word for business. And it makes it clear to me every time that the knowledge and information that I have gone out of my way to obtain sets me far apart from the average rapper/artist. Plus, you truly don't know something until you can explain it to someone clearly and thoroughly and have them accomplish the task ahead of them with the newfound knowledge led by you.

With "The Finisher" now released, what's next for you musically? Can we expect a follow-up to your "SUPREME" project this year?

Next I intend on releasing a list of singles which I know will put up numbers. I will package everything to the tee and be sure to make sure to squeeze all opportunities out of each record upon its release, in addition to starting and running a legit tour that can expand my fan base and presence among the people and fans of hip hop.

And yes that's a fact I'm for sure putting together a project to follow up on the “SUPREME” EP. Myself and Umang Arora aka @UAMusic22 a very talented producer who I work with overseas; we plan on putting together another project most definitely. Our chemistry is great and we both work at a great pace which keeps each one of us motivated to make more music.

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