Interview: New York Based Rap Artist Dito Talks About His EP and Title Track "New Beginnings"

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For our latest exclusive interview we connected with Roosevelt Island, NY based rap artist Dito. We connected with this artist on the come up to discuss his recently released EP "New Beginnings" and its title track of the same name, as well as find out how he juggles being a senior at the University of Florida and aspiring artist, and much more. 

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Congrats to you for the release of your new track “New Beginnings”. What does this song represent for you?

Thank you, I appreciate it. It’s been a long time coming.  “New Beginnings” represents forgetting about everything I’ve gone through in the past in order to start fresh.  This song was really personal for me, I shed light on some pretty dark times in my life.  I felt that I needed to be as honest with my music as possible and I feel that I accomplished this in this track.  The track also represents my growth as an artist.  I’ve come along way, and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

Tell us about the four song EP of the same name that “New Beginnings” is featured on. How did you connect with producer Sdoov?

The EP is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.  When I first started doing music for about a year and a half ago, I was releasing singles.  After releasing about 15 singles, I had the urge to put together a collection of songs that would mesh well together.  All of the tracks on the EP fit very well together, in my opinion.  It’s funny, Sdoov is actually my fraternity brother.  I met him during my freshman year and we got along right away.  He randomly mentioned that he made beats one day and I told him I was trying to get into making music.  Fast forward a few years and now Sdoov is my go-to guy for all of my beats.

Would you say that your experience in theater has been beneficial to you now as an artist? If so, how?

I would say that doing theater for years helped me to be able to express myself.  I’ve always loved the spotlight, so being on a stage performing and showcasing my talents was perfect for me. Having people listen and react to the music I make brings me back to the times when I was in theater.  The same confidence I had back then, I bring to my music now.

How do you juggle being a senior in college at the University of Florida and your aspirations as an artist?

I’ve definitely learned how to prioritize my studies along with still progressing as an artist.  There was a time when I considered leaving school in order to pursue a career in music.  After talking things out with my mom, she advised that the best decision was to stay in school and get my degree. Honestly, I’m glad I’m still at school.  I’ll graduate this year, get my degree, and then give 100% to making music. 

How do you deal with writer’s block? And do you ever find yourself writing lyrics in class?

When I feel like I’m getting writer's block, I try not to write anything for a few days.  I go out and live my life and keep my mind off of music. This lets me experience things that will eventually turn into lyrics for my music.  I’ve gone through times where I’ve had nothing to say so I make sure that I don’t let it get to me. I stay positive and wait for the words to come to me.  I have most definitely found myself writing lyrics while in class.  Sometimes I have a melody in my head that I have to write down, I can’t let myself forget it. 

What comes next after “New Beginnings”? Will you be developing a visual for the song?

I’m working on new music now.  I’m trying to stay in a creative mindset.  With every song that I release, I learn more about myself as an artist. This EP helped figure out that if I want to reach my full potential, I’m going to have to be patient and invest in myself.  I know that there’s a lot for me to improve on and I’m only getting started.  

I hope I can work on a visual for “New Beginnings” in the near future.  I have a friend back at school who has done an amazing visual for me before, his name is David Morar.  Let’s see if we can create something again.    

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