Interview: New York City Based Duo Club Soccer Discuss Their New Video "It's Not Time to Relax"

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We connected with Argentinian producer/songwriter Nico Brunstein and Brazilian born, singer-songwriter Nando Dale of the New York City based duo Club Soccer for an exclusive interview. During our conversation, we got a chance to learn more about how Nico and Nando initially connected and formed the band, the creative process for their new single and the Albie Smith-directed video for “It’s Not Time to Relax”, and much more.

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You are both students at NYU's Clive Davis program; how did you two meet initially and what led to the decision to form Club Soccer?

Nico: We met the Summer of 2009 at a space exploration camp in upstate New York. We were the only to kids there with an intense passion for The Velvet Underground, so it seemed only right to become friends. Unfortunately, we lost touch when we went back home, but crossed paths once again at college in NYC. It seemed like fate, so we started a band together.

Big ups to you guys for the release of the music video for your song "It's Not Time to Relax". Regarding the song itself, what was your creative process for its development?

Nando: During spring break, I was in Miami, not really by choice. My parents moved from Brazil after I left for college so it’s a weird place for me to “go back home to.” I was coming from NYC, where I had something to do every minute of the day as opposed to Miami where I found myself drinking wine in the complex jacuzzi. The song came from a desperate attempt to work, and not trying to give myself time to relax.

How did you connect with the video's director, Albie Smith, and how did you all come up with its treatment?

Nando: Albie and I have always known each other from parties around school. I kind of became his “go to” guy to score his short films. One time I ended up sending him the first demo to the song and he wanted to make a full music video for it.

Over the Summer, the three of us met at Tompkins Square Park and developed the idea, the characters, and the world behind the song and even the future of our next videos. As far as the treatment goes, we wanted the ideas to be portrayed a bit more abstract. We want people to interpret the music and videos however they want, we don’t feel like we should be force feeding a single message to anyone.

What are some things/people/places that inspire your creativity when working on new music?

Nico: Every time I watch a really good movie, I have to write a song about it. I would say most of my songs are based off characters from film. Basically anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.

Nando: Lately, I’ve been inspired by some German musicians from the 1970’s like Manuel Göttsching (Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel), Michael Rother (from NEU!) and also David Bowie during his Berlin years.

I just think there’s something really special about that time period when German musicians were trying to figure out the future of their country without looking at their recent past.

What comes next after "It's Not Time to Relax"? Is an EP or album on the horizon in 2020?

Next, we’re introducing “Billy.” There is a series of songs coming out about each month-ish.

An album would be fun, but right now we’re focusing on a large pool of songs we’ve written in the past year. We’re making psych/indie rock, but don’t be surprised if we drop a Cumbia or a Bossa Nova soon.

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