Interview: Nigerian Afrocentric/AfroPop Artist Akaycentric

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New to DCWS is our exclusive interview with Nigerian Afrocentric/AfroPop singer-songwriter Akaycentric. This talented artist and entrepreneur just released the hot single “Lost”, the follow-up to his video “Wait”, so it’s only natural that we connect with him to find out more about his music, his signing to Monkey Media House Records, and what he looks forward to musically in 2019.

After reading our Q&A with Akaycentric, connect with him on his website and social media and be sure to check out the visuals for “Wait”.

Let's start with your moniker Akaycentric; how did this catchy name come about?

The name Akaycentric is coined from my real name “Akinola”; it’s AK but spelled “Akay” for artistic purposes. The “centric” was added to it a few years ago because of the kind of music I do “Afrocentric/Afropop”.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in the United States in three words, which ones would you select?

Afro, Unique and Global (music); these are the three words that describe my music.

Salute to you on the release of your new single "Lost". It definitely gets the heart rate pumping and guides people to the dance floor. Who produced the track and what led you to write it?

Thank you. After the release of my new video “Wait”, I went back into the studio asap to record a new song for my fans for Xmas. I called up Klem, an amazing songwriter and then Spellz (one of the most talented producers we have in the country). The song was done and I personally felt indifferent about it, but the moment it was released, it’s been like wild fire spreading since then with amazing reviews.

Nigeria is the center of the universe right now when it comes to Afropop and Afrobeat; who are some of the artists that influenced you to start writing and recording music?

One of the artists that influenced me to start recording and writing my songs was Fela; I love his sound. I listened to Asa a lot, Boys II Men, West Life and a whole of mixtures here and there...(smiles)

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Tell us about Monkey Media House Records and why signing with them has been the right move for your music brand.

Monkey Media House Records is a real label; no sentiments. It’s one label that really pushes you all out to become what you should be; it’s a family. Everyone looking out for everyone and making sure the best is achieved. They understand the business fully also and go all out to make a statement for you. It’s a label I don’t regret signing to.

What can we look forward to from you musically in 2019?

Come 2019, more dope music, tours, and more amazing videos. I also hope to be sweeping a whole lot of awards, and also more amazing music projects!

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