Interview: Omaha Based Rap Artist Mark Patrick


Shout out to Omaha based rap artist Mark Patrick who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his single “Impact”, his upcoming album “Impact EP”, the Hip-Hop music scene in Omaha and much more.

After reading our Q&A with the ill emcee, be sure to connect with him on his social media so you’ll be ready Mark drops the “Impact EP”. In the meantime, check out Mark’s last album “Pen & Pad” which he released back in 2016.

With so much division in this country and negativity in mainstream rap music, why is it important for you to project positivity in your music?

I feel like so many people get caught in the obsession of trying to become whatever it is that is prevalent in the mainstream media at any given time. They get used to this new "norm's" existence and learn to accept it, even if it is detrimental to growth or positive progression. A lot get so bothered by the negativity that they actually become the very thing they despise by letting it infest their heart and soul. Some will even dive into it to learn what it's all about, so that they can work on defeating it, or just coexist with it. If we can show that positivity and taking a righteous stand against certain evils still looks and feels good, and is done in an interesting way that grabs that part of people's minds that used to see this sort of thing much more often, we are making an impact already. Starting that momentum with an action, followed by another action, after another action (and so forth), and keep riding that train as long as it takes us. It all counts, no matter the level it may reach. Positivity can spread just as anything can. Our positivity is coming from a place that understands both the light and the darkness, and still decides to spread love and try to do right by our neighbors every single day.

We're big fans of your new single "Impact". How did you connect with Xoboi & 24Tye, and the producer Chad Beaty? Also, what was your inspiration to write it?

Thank you for the love on our new single. Xoboi and myself are part of a collective called The Raleigh Science Project. We've been working together for a few years now alongside Marcey Yates and the rest of The Science crew. Xoboi is the definition of a wordsmith and thrashes every single verse he laces, and he does so in a very philosophically brilliant, creative, diverse way that you won't see from anyone else. He's one of a kind. 24Tye and myself go back a few years as well, and have collaborated on a few different songs like 'Ride All Night' from my last project 'Pen & Pad LP', which was released in Dec, 2016. That video was also directed by T-Vision who is the director for the 'Impact' video as well. He is a phenomenal visionary. 24Tye is one of the most talented people I have ever met. Period. He can do it all. Definitely a superstar.

As far as the producer Chad Beaty, he is a childhood friend who moved to Chicago a few years back, and randomly hit me with the news that he is a sick hip hop producer by sending me some instrumentals a few years back. I've used him and Marcey Yates for production more than anybody, because they are as good as it gets. I'm extremely blessed to have both of them in my corner. The inspiration for this song's creation came immediately after I first heard the beat. It spoke to me right away and needed to be done right.

What can you tell us about the album from which "Impact" will be featured on? Is "Impact" indicative of what we can expect on the album from a thematic and production standpoint?

‘Impact EP' is my 2nd studio album and was done with as much, or more, careful thought as anything I have done. I have completely finished, or recorded part of 200 or so songs over the last year or so. For this project I wanted each song to stand out with a unique message and identity, with each one having a separate, yet strong impact on it's listeners. The world seems to be in a place where negative ways of thinking are the norm, with misguided actions and results following. I love how music is a platform that can bring awareness and inspire. Our ideals can reach the masses and impact so many on a large level. This is my hope for my 'Impact EP', and the Impact Movement. So many people think in a box. They need to understand both the light and the dark on new levels, and understand they both matter in existence. The balance is the hard part, but as long as a new understanding is reached, we are headed in the right direction. The extremists on either side are damaging everything. Respect to anyone bringing awareness to others and staying active. Keep fighting the good fight, even if you have to do it from a place with less light.

Describe the Hip-Hop music scene in Omaha for us. Why do you think that there hasn't been a "breakout" mainstream rap artist to emerge from the city yet?

The hip hop scene in Omaha is a jewel that needs to be discovered on a large scale. Omaha has as much talent as any other city in the world, if not more. We are working towards being a nationally known hub for talent and need a few breakout stars to start this rise for us. King Iso recently signed with Tech n9ne's Strange Music, which is a good start. Major props to Iso for all of his success and a solid future ahead.

We've also had nationally known artists come from here in other genres such as The Faint, 311, and the newest breakout star from the scene, Jocelyn, who is on her way with every move she makes and garnered national attention numerous times. If you want to find out about about a few of the hip hop artists from Omaha that are beasts, look into The Dilla Kids for starters. The Dilla Kids are made up of the duo Marcey Yates and Xoboi, and a part of the same collection as myself in The Raleigh Science Project. Also check out hip hop artists TKO, Greco, Fass Blaq, Surreal the MC, J. Crum, Fr!day, Geovauni X, G.Savo, and Cult Classic. All top notch emcees and overall artists. Saint Mic is from Omaha and one of the best battlers in the country, and Minus the Infamous is also from here but now lives in Texas. These are just a few who go in on the mic. I could go on and on. Our time is coming.

If you were on a deserted island and could only listen to one album until you were rescued, which album would it be?

If I was stranded on a deserted island with one album, it'd have to be 'Me Against the World' by 2Pac. That album has a little bit of everything and I've never gotten tired of a single song on it. My favorite hip hop album of all time. 2Pac was bigger than life and a huge inspiration.

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