Interview: Oslo, Norway Based DJ/Producer WNDR Talks About His New Single "Can We"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with Oslo, Norway based DJ/Producer WNDR, who just released his new house inspired pop single “Can We”. At just 27 years of age WNDR has already put in a decade of work and gained a rep for himself in the club scene of his hometown, landed Top 10 tracks in Ireland and toured heavily in Europe.

With that sort of track record, it’s only right that we connect with WNDR to discuss the “Can We” single, find out how he compares the club scene in Norway to that of other European locales, and much more. After reading our Q&A with WNDR, be sure to connect with him on social media and check out some more music from his catalog, including his debut hit single “Medicine”.

Congratulations on the release of your new single "Can We"; it's the perfect spring time, dance floor song. What inspired you to create it and who provided the vocals on the track?

Thank you! Lately I've been having fun with just releasing a bunch of music, and not thinking to much about it. Being in a creative zone and making what I like has been the main focus. I think the vocal is from a vocal pack I had laying around actually.

As a touring DJ and producer, would you say that the club scene in Norway is a lot different than that of different cities around Europe? If so, how?

Yeah, I would say its a bit different from some countries I've been to. Its more about playing pop tracks people can sing to rather then a sound or a vibe. I feel like It's harder to challenge the crowd in Norway.

Is "Can We" a part of an upcoming EP or album we can expect later this year?

No, I haven't started with thinking about a EP yet.

But if the people wants a EP I wouldn't mind making it!

What do you do to unwind and relax when you aren't producing or DJ'ing?

Now a days I chill with my 4 month old girl, when I don't work.

As a music creator who has accomplished so much already at the age of 27, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment thus far musically?

My biggest accomplishment would be my debut single "Medicine" landing over 4 mill plays. It got me in a position to do alot of fun stuff and meet alot of talented people due to the signing I did with my publishing company.

Following that last question, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

I mainly want to meet new musicians, and get a lot of placements with other incredible musicians. For me it's most important to just give it your all and make some great music for people to listen to.

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