Interview: Oso Sirius Discusses His Single/Video "Lately" and His EP "My Own Lane"

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Major thanks to New York based rapper/producer Oso Sirius who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to talk about his single/video “Lately”, which is featured on his EP “My Own Lane”. We also chopped it up about Oso’s creative process when it comes to songwriting and beat selection, his Jamaican heritage, and much more.

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You're not just a rapper, but a producer as well; when do you know that a beat you're working on is complete?

A beat is never really finished. There is always elements you could add; it all depends on the overall song I guess. Some beats are literally three instruments. The beat for Dababy’s “Suge” is like 5-6 instruments, but that shit is fire.

Describe your creative process when it comes to your songwriting and selection of beats to rap on, whether it be your own production or from another producer.

I like to make music first thing in the morning; I feel like I’m more creative at that time. Writing a song could take a few hours or even days; I don’t really like to rush.

In the beginning I was only making music on my own beats; I guess that’s how I developed my sound. But I’ve been recently working with other producers. I find that everybody has there own unique style, and sometimes you need that different sound for something epic like “First Place”; the visuals are epic too, shot by Qasquiat. Check it out on YouTube (Watch HERE).

Speaking of videos, congratulations on the release of your new visual "Lately". Tell us about the song itself and what inspired you to write it?

Thanks, I appreciate that. But I would say the lifestyle I was living inspired that song. I was really off the shits blowing paper like I’m rich; I had to catch myself. But hey, a dope song came out of it.

Tell us about your EP "My Own Lane", which dropped back in December. How many of the tracks did you produce and will there be any other visuals created from them?

Dopest EP out now, go get that. I produced four of the six tracks on the EP. New Yung City produced “Red Light” and Skeezy Beats produced “First Place”.

I’m throwing a pool party for the video shoot for “Fuck it up” featuring Gordo next week. You could look out for those visuals next.

How would you say that your Jamaican heritage is reflected in the music that you create?

I love being Jamaican. I try to incorporate that in some of my songs, so from time to time you’ll hear me go full Jamaican on a song.

The first single off my EP was “Foolery”, a blend of Jamaican dancehall and American trap. Check out the video on YouTube, shot by Romeo615videos (Watch HERE).

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