Interview: Pasha Discusses His Single "No Name" and the Decision to Move From Lithuania to London to Pursue Music

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We connected with London based singer-songwriter Pasha for an exclusive interview to discuss his single “No Name”, as well as his decision to move from Lithuania to the UK, specifically London, to pursue music. We also discuss Pasha’s creative process for the “No Name” song with his collaborator Bastian Testori, what he’s most proud of with the release, and much more.

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You're originally from Lithuania; tell us about your decision to move to the UK, specifically London.

London is one of the main music hubs in the world. Wanting to develop as a singer and an artist, I have made a choice to drop out of university in Lithuania and come to London. Having the access to so many networking events, gigs, etc., gives so many amazing opportunities to meet new people and develop in a craft that you love. Also, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to London College of Music, where I got to learn from industry professionals. I guess I just wanted more out of life than what I had in Lithuania.

What have you discovered about yourself as a person and as an artist since you relocated?

Moving away from home, not having any family or friends around, having to work and study at the same time to pay the bills. All of that builds character. You become stronger as a person and learn to rely on yourself more than ever before. And that transfers into music. Actually, through that struggle I wrote No Name. As an artist I really developed while studying at LCM, since I had to performed music I would have never chose to perform. And that showed me a broader possibilities in music and within my own abilities.

Tell us about the creative process of your new single "No Name" with your collaborator Bastian Testori.

Lyrics came really quick. It took me about 15 minutes to write it. But I guess it was all adding up when I went back home to Lithuania and it felt nothing like home. And when I came back to London, feeling so lost, I just sat down and wrote it. And for production, I made a demo version of the track and sent it to Bastian, who I met in one of the networking events in East London. He liked it and then about a week later, we went to the studio and experimented with some sounds and ideas. It was a really fun process since me and Bastian just kept bouncing ideas from one another.

With "No Name" released and available for us all to enjoy, what are you most proud of with this song?

It is one of my favourite songs that I have written, it's honest. I feel like a lot of people can relate to it and interpret in their own way

Can you tell us what comes next after "No Name"? Will we get a music video? Will the song be appearing on an upcoming EP or album this year?

Yes! First of all, the video for “No Name” is coming very soon, so make sure to follow me on social media and YouTube. Secondly, my song “Wings” is out now on all the streaming sites!

In 2019, there is more music to come. Finally, music that is not about me and my inner world or analysis of the society, but about caring for another person, or letting go of them.

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