Interview: Paterson, NJ Artist Robowinck Talks About His New Single "Amends" and Upcoming EP "Nightmare Before Christmas"

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Major shout out to Paterson, New Jersey based rapper and singer-songwriter Robowinck who connected with us for an exclusive interview. We got a chance to discuss several topics with Robowinck, including his new single “Amends”, the EP it will be featured on, entitled “Nightmare Before Christmas”, the suicide prevention campaign he is participating in, and much more.

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Big ups to you on the release of your new single "Amends". What initially inspired you to write the song and who provided the production?

There is a lot that inspires me to make a song such as so in which it relates to my past relationships and to what the inner demons of someone can really be like if you dig far enough to see who someone really is. On the production side, almost everything was done by me.

"Amends" is the first song on your soon to be released EP "Nightmare Before Christmas"; what can we expect sonically and thematically from this upcoming project?

For NBC (Nightmare Before Christmas), I have implemented a sort of loss in reality when it comes to lyrics wise, but at the end of the day, this EP allows listeners to a beginning passage in oblivion.

How would you say that the new EP is different than your first EP, "Biggest Loser"?

There is doubt from listening to both of the EPs that NBC is just a huge improvement to my craft from my previous EPs, but with this EP, it's the realization of a much darker path, even with the light that hollows through.

Tell us about the suicide prevention campaign you are participating in; why is it important for you to have a role in this campaign?

With my life, I have had many experiences with many who had doubts about living in this life. I have seen many who had tried to kill themselves in front of me, and to see such pain be within a person just destroys me.

I was told at a young age to leave the world a better place as you found it, this saying has stuck with me for awhile and I take to heart. I'd used to make fun of myself to others who were sad or depressed and to see them lighten up is the best feeling I could ever feel. I also welcome anyone to slide into my dm's for any kind of support or talk through.

Why should every person reading this interview be on the lookout for your EP "Nightmare Before Christmas", which drops on August 9th?

I want to be able to spread a message to the world and for this EP, it tells of how one person falls towards into oblivion and of how they'll soon never come back from it.

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