Interview: Perth Based Artist and Producer Razegod

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Australia is definitely in the building because we’ve got an exclusive interview with Razegod, a talented artist/producer from Perth. He recently dropped his very DOPE track “Idkpop” so it’s only right that we connect with him to discuss how the song was developed, the music scene in Perth, his musical goals for 2019 and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Razegod, be sure to connect with him on IG, listen to some of his music on Soundcloud and be on the lookout for his soon to be released debut album “Peak Fuck”, due out on the 31st.

We're big fans of your new song "Idkpop"; what led you to create the song and did you produce it yourself?

I really love the fact that the mumble rap genre manages to evoke emotions using melody that otherwise couldn't be done with words. I know the ultimate truth lies beyond words so this song is a bit of a nod towards that idea.

The beat was produced by Young Taylor. I found it on YouTube and vibed with it instantly. You can find his beats @

Nevertheless, whether I use a beat or produce it myself, there’s always a hint of my production around the edges. I need to get across that its me talking.

From start to finish, what's your creative process for song development?

Typically I’ll either start a track with the hook or a melodic progression, then I’ll build the percussion, the bounce of the sound, around that. Then I’ll give the song its heartbeat with the snare and kick pattern and move onto the sub and vocals.

We've been receiving a lot of dope Hip-Hop from Australia lately and you've definitely continued that trend with "Idkpop". What's the scene like for the culture where you are based? Are locals generally supportive of homegrown talent?

Perth is very small so we manage to have a rich acceptance of a lot of different music culture in a small space. And yeah, Aussies love it when other Aussies succeed which is a nice part of being from Down Under ;)

Can we expect to hear "Idkpop", "Sexual Apocalypse" and "144" on an upcoming EP or album? If so, do you have a title and release date in mind?

“Sexual Apocalypse” and “144” are singles from my first album titled “Peak Fuck” which will be dropping across all platforms on the 31st of Dec. Prior to that release you can expect the music video for “Sexual Apocalypse” and another couple singles from the album.

“Idkpop” is off my second album, “Sinaesthesia”, that’s planned to release mid Jan 2019.

The two projects have been in the works for close to two years and are closely related but follow different themes, “Peak Fuck” being a bit darker, “Sinaesthesia” being a bit sexier.

As an artist and producer, what do you enjoy most about sharing your creations with an audience?

Making music is my biggest outlet of self expression. Being able to share something deep from within through music, and then having other people resonate with that expression - there’s great enjoyment in that.

With 2018 winding down, what are some of your goals musically in 2019?

2019 we gonna be hitting the ground running with “Peak Fuck” just releasing and “Sinaesthesia” coming not long after. Also going to be a lot more focus on music videos and visuals. 2019 is the year Razegod is gonna establish itself as a force so that we all ready for 2020 when Kanye becomes President and the New World begins.

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