Interview: Pop Singer-Songwriter Darla Beaux Discusses Her New Single "Trippin On Tears"

Darla Beaux is an LA based singer-songwriter whose new single "Trippin On Tears" blends Pop and RnB over an infectious beat in all the right ways. We connected with Darla to discuss this new single, find out what she's most proud of with debut EP "Rebel Soul", and much more.

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We love how your vocals flows seamlessly over the beat for your new single "Trippin On Tears". Tell us about your creative process for this track. Who produced it and what led you and Adam Stidham to write those lyrics?  

Honestly the music just flows together after jamming for a bit, then my producer Travis Margis puts cool little things in it to make it sound nice and fancy. When Adam and I wrote the lyrics, I told him about an experience I had been going through, where a girl hated me and was stalking me. All the lyrics kinda fell together after that.

In looking at one of your older videos on YouTube (specifically "Rebel Soul"), we noticed that you went from a blond to a red head. What motivated you to make that drastic change to your look? Do you miss your long locks?

Honey, Oh honey! I have had every color of hair you could think of and blonde is probably my least favorite. I've had pink, purple, blue, aqua, green, silver, bleached blond, orange and then red. For the hair cut? Nope, no way! Those locks were heavy and kinda boring. I'm looking forward to even more crazy changes to my hair.

Speaking of "Rebel Soul", what are you most proud of with that debut EP?

The fact that I was so young and it still turned out pretty good. I've changed a lot since then, but it was a pretty big accomplishment.

How would you say that you have grown as an artist since you released "Rebel Soul"?

I literally grew. I was 14 when I wrote and recorded Rebel Soul, so I really hadn't experienced a lot of things. I was just starting out on my musical journey.

What do you enjoy most about performing live? Do you have a favorite track to sing?

Usually when I perform I get so into it that I don't know what I'm actually doing on stage. I get transported to somewhere else. I guess my favorite thing is getting transported to that special place.

My fav song to perform live would have to be In the Pines, it's a cover, but an original arrangement. It's so dark and gritty, I just love the whole feeling of that song.

If you could duet with any artist, living or past, who would you select?

Probably Brendon Urie, not only cause he's super talented and a musical genius, but because then I might get to see him do a back flip up close.

What's next for you after "Trippin On Tears"? Will this single be a part of an upcoming EP or full length album?

Trippin is part of my EP and will be out soon. There might even be a video coming out soon that looks super cool.

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