Interview: Pop Singer-Songwriter and Producer Jackie Faraoui Talks About Her New Single "Kiss Goodbye"

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We’re stoked to share with you our exclusive interview with Ukrainian pop singer-songwriter and producer Jackie Faraoui. This talented musician recently released her single “Kiss Goodbye” that we showcased on DCWS, so it’s only right that we pick her brain about the song, as well as her motivations to write it, find out what her biggest musical accomplishment of 2018 is and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Jackie Faraoui, be sure to stream the single on Spotify, watch the lyric video, and connect with her on her website and social media. We expect Jackie Faraoui to have a massive breakout year in 2019 and we look forward to sharing more of her DOPE music with you!

Your musical inspirations range from Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode to Lana Del Rey and Cardi B. As a creative (songwriter and producer), how have you gone about developing your own sound and music brand?

I love fusion, that's why I'm inspired by multiple musical genres and styles. When I create it's always going to be a mix of two or three genres. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode, so Pop and Electro will always be in my blood. I've been obsessed with Lana Del Ray and Cardi B for some time now. I just love Lana's deep, dark vibe and Cardi's Hip Hop groove. They both inspire me a lot.

We're huge fans of your new song "Kiss Goodbye"; you have a beautiful voice. Tell us about the song's origin and what motivated you to write it?

I wrote “Kiss Goodbye” on the piano. It was an acoustic version at first and it talks about finding the strength to let go of everyone that stands in the way of your dreams. There was a point in my life filled with rejection and all I heard was that I am not good enough. But turns out my worst time in life was my greatest blessing. I got such deep understanding of where I stand and what I want to achieve that nothing else really matters anymore. I hope people who go through something similar can relate to this song and be encouraged to keep moving towards their dreams no matter what.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment musically in 2018?

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My biggest accomplishment for 2018 is my single "Kiss Goodbye". This song represents me 100%. I worked on this track for months and it makes me happy that people actually respond to it, listen to it and love it. That's a victory for me.

Following up on the last question, what are some of your goals in 2019 in regards to your music?

I'm very optimistic about 2019 and I have a lot of plans. Some of them are to complete four projects, release video clips and play live shows across Europe.

How would you say that your Audio Engineering degree has helped you as a producer, if at all?

It helped me a lot. I produce, record, mix and master my music and I can say that I use technology in a more creative way now in order to develop my own unique sound.

What's your biggest inspiration to create new music and how do you avoid writer's block?

My biggest inspiration is life. We go through so much on a daily basis and we never take a break. Even when time seems to be standing still, there's always something happening. I write about everything I see, feel, hear and believe.

I don't think there is a way to avoid writer's block; all writers experience it at one point or another. Personally, when I feel uninspired I just don't write, instead I do something that makes me happy and puts my heart at peace and before I know it, I'm already humming a melody or writing lyrics on my phone. It's a natural process.

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