Interview: Pop Singer-Songwriter Kacy Moon Discusses Her New Single "Cherry on Top"

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We connected with Kacy Moon, a talented pop artist based in Los Angeles, for an exclusive interview to discuss her newly dropped single "Cherry on Top", her creative process when it comes to songwriting and much more. 

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Who is your favorite artist and what about them inspires you as a singer-songwriter?

My favorite artist at the moment has to be Lauv. I love his writing and the fact that he produces and is also an independent artist. It’s super inspiring to see that. I remember the first song I ever heard of his and now he’s blowing up. It just shows what hard work can do.

Tell us about how you connected with Sydney based producer SZABO for your new single “Cherry on Top”?

I was at a recording studio in Sydney and we just met in passing! We kept in touch on Instagram and scheduled some studio time a few months later. We were only planning on doing 1 or 2 songs, but we ended up doing 4!

I've been a huge fan of Raphael Saadiq for a long time; what was it like recording music at his LA studio?

His studio is amazing! I’ve always felt right at home there. He’s such a chill guy!

How do you go about writing music? Do you need to be in a quiet corner by yourself or does inspiration strike you in the bustle of a crowded coffee shop?

Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime. Like in the shower - which has happened to me quite a few times! 

If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) for a new song, who would you select?

Justin Timberlake

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