Interview: Queens Based Artist Yhung Sky Talks About Her New Video "25 Rounds"

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We connected with Queens based singer-songwriter, emcee and producer Yhung Sky for an exclusive interview to discuss her brand new video “25 Rounds”, as well as find out her motivation to write the song initially, her creative process for song development, and much more.

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Congrats on the release of your new single and video "25 Rounds". Tell us about the creation of the song itself; what motivated you to write it?

Thank you so much! “25 Rounds” was motivated by the heated political climate in America in 2016. The global masses were in an uprise, marching across the nations in protest against the impending presidential election. Most of the lyrics in my verse reflect my personal experience as a young woman who’s typically perceived as this petite-bodied, pretty-faced girl with a quiet demeanor. Most people don’t expect me to be such a ‘rebel’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’, or as aware of the global government and media’s mass agendas as I actually am.

I wrote “25 Rounds” during my final year of college, where I was not only jam-packing my semesters with classes, but also relearning the dark truths of this nation’s sociopolitical structure and its transnational influence. I began to protest a lot more, eventually becoming a target for undercover federal agents both on campus and around the boroughs in general.

All-in-all, I appoint this song as being a battle-cry for my generation, which is filled with a lot of aware youths who are enraged at many facets of our society, but also may feel hopeless against a system that wants to keep us under its stronghold and continue to make us robots to the matrix. Yet, I believe we are living in a time where we have all of the power and the tools to shift the consciousness and the systems in order to bring about justice to our families, more environmentally ethical methods of sustenance, and a better future for our babies... even if we have to battle this “beam show”, as I like to call it (you’ll hear more about “Beam Show” in the upcoming project).

How did you connect with PinkRoom and how did you come up with the treatment for the “25 Rounds” video?

I met the PinkRoom in college. When I met Victoria, we made it clear at the beginning of our friendship that we would work together. She showed genuine interest and investment in my art prior to me becoming the artist known as Yhung Sky. In addition, Jelani was a college-peer who also grew up with my artistic friends from high school. Call it the universe’s way of bringing things that are meant to be into fruition.

The visual treatment came from my personal ideas (i.e. being behind the wheel of a Nissan, setting guns on fire, rapping in front of the federal buildings, etc.). Victoria suggested I create a mood board, and after a few meetings and discussions, everything was manifested perfectly. Shout out to teamwork and communication; these are the main aspects of what makes the dream work! Also, they really put up with my perfectionism (LOL). God bless their hearts.

What comes next after "25 Rounds"?

What’s coming next is a lot more greatness! I am in the process of recording a full project for the world to connect with. No title or release date has been decided on yet. I’ve been taking my time and creating from my soul, so when it’s ready, I want to surprise the world and have them not only say, “damn, she came outta nowhere,” but also, “damn, I’ve never heard anyone like her. She’s different, she’s original, she’s authentic.”

Along with the music, I’ll definitely be dropping a few more cinematic music videos, and perhaps a short film might be seen somewhere in the mix. Stay tuned ;)

Describe your creative process when it comes to song development. What do you look for in the instrumentals you select to write to, record, and perform?

I used to write to random beats I found on SoundCloud or YouTube. Then I came to the conclusion that I want all of my productions to either be my own, or collaborations with other producers. So, when you hear a Yhung Sky record, you’ll know it’s me simply by the way it sounds. I’ve been making all of my beats either on my own, or with a select few producers who show genuine interest and passion for my art and musical vision.

Sometimes my songs stem from random bars I write down in my iPhone Notes, or sometimes I’ll sit and write to one of my own beats. When I’m creating a beat, I’ll start freestyling, and then the writing fabricates effortlessly. I like to let things flow naturally. Once I kick into the creative zone, I don’t come out of it until a song is done and I’ve rehearsed it enough times to know my flows, melodies and lyrics with my eyes closed. Music, to me, is a soul language. If it isn’t coming from a deep place in my soul, then it’s not music, it’s not art, and I don’t value it. This talent is a God-given gift, and it needs to be treated as such.

As far as performing, I practice a lot with myself in my living room, in the mirror, in the shower, etc. personal concerts make for amazing audience encounters! Plus, I have social anxiety, so the more comfortable I am performing alone, the better I’ll be on stage.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Conscious, Split-personality, Cinematic.

A lot of my music has a vibe around these three words. I love to write about real life experiences/stories my friends/family members tell me. I also owe a lot of my artistry to this inner passion for revolution, healing and mass enlightenment. Sometimes I’ll write about love and heartbreak, but for the most part I like my music to have a strong message, to speak to the masses in enlightening, uplifting and motivating ways. (I’m learning to “put the candy in the medicine”, as one of my artist peers advised me). There isn’t enough of this in popular culture, and I aspire to change that.

I see greatness in all of us, and my main goal with the music is to encourage people to embrace that greatness and purpose. I see my artistry as a split-personality of me, because on one hand, you have the melodic singer, and on the other, you have the mind-boggling rapper; plus, my topics can range anywhere from being around real shooters, aspiring to be a multi-millionaire from my ideas, and keeping the loyal/real ones around me, to encouraging people to search within themselves for true healing and to always seek divine protection.

Everyday, I learn more about remaining in harmony with my duality as a human and a spiritual being having this human experience. That’s really the ultimate inspiration behind all of my art. I also like to envision what my visuals will look like when I’m creating my songs, so it naturally has to have a cinematic vibe or else it’s clipped for being released. For me, it’s about strategizing properly and playing chess with the art. I’ve got over a hundred records in the vault right now, but many will never see past the vault due to their content and substance. There’s a fundamental aspect of my musicianship that I only wish to become more in tune with as I grow in the industry.

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