Interview: Rap Duo Chester East Main Discuss Their New Track "Don't Call Me" and “Corolla Kids: Volume 1" Album

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Chester East Main is a rap duo out of Westchester County, NY who we’ve connected with for an exclusive Q&A to discuss their DOPE new track “Don’t Call Me”, as well as their album, “Corolla Kids: Volume 1”. During our convo with Chester East Main, we found out how they met, what led to their decision to form the group, what their musical goals are heading into 2020, and much more.

After reading our interview with Chester East Main, be sure to connect with them on their social media, check out their music on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify, and be ready on the 6th for “Corolla Kids: Volume 1”.

Salute to you guys on the release of your new track "Don't Call Me". What inspired you to write it and why did you choose Tommy's beat for it?

Thank you for choosing our song. We were inspired to write “Don't Call Me” by relationship issues and facing the harsh realities of dealing with a breakup and how it takes a toll on someone. We've been good friends with Tommy since high school and we were all in the studio together and we caught a vibe for this beat and immediately knew the direction we wanted to go with it. We've been working with Tommy for over a year now and he's always been our go to guy for production.

Is "Don't Call Me" a part of a larger project that we can look forward to?

Yes, “Don't Call Me” is our second single from our upcoming album “Corolla Kids: Volume 1”, dropping on all streaming platforms on September 6th.

How did you two meet each other and what led to the decision to form Chester East Main?

We met in middle school through mutual friends and became really close ever since. In high school trigonometry class we sat next to each other and discovered we had similar music tastes. We kind of joked about the idea of being a rap group for a while but then eventually started to write rhymes together and we purchased equipment and we've been making music ever since.

With 2019 winding down, what are some of your goals musically heading into 2020?

To gain a wider audience outside of New York, and to start performing live. And to work on and hopefully finish our next project by the end of 2020.

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