Interview: Reno, NV Based Hip-Hop Artist Young J

Young J is a Reno, Nevada based Hip-Hop artist representing Generation Z whose new tracks "4 Quarters" and "Slide Thru" are on heavy rotation in the Dopecausewesaid office. We connected with the talented teenage emcee to discuss how he got his start rapping, what he's most proud of with "4 Quarters", the music scene in Reno, and much more.

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Tell us about how you got your start rapping and who are some of your influences?

First off thanks for this opportunity I appreciate what y'all do for incoming Indie Artists. 

I started rapping only a year ago and it's been a great experience! At the time I was attending St. Michael's high school in Austin, Texas and I had just stopped playing sports. I've always had a love for poetry and I always wanted to be a rapper (as most kids do). I remember I wrote my first song during my lunch period. After I was done I spit it to my homies (Keith, Kenyon, Darien and Kyle) and they really liked it. It felt good to create something original and have other people mess with it. I remember somebody telling me I should make a SoundCloud, so I created one and dropped the song called Title 7. I remember i got super excited when it go over 100 plays in a week (I've come a long ways). It was crazy too see the whole school listening to it and have kids come up to me saying that they liked my song and asking when Would I drop another . That was one of the highlights of my life and I couldn't get enough of the praise and the bond I had formed with people, it was like a drug for me haha. I've kept putting out songs since and it's taken me a long ways! 

Since you represent Generation Z, what message are you sending to your peers through your music?

Generation Z is the new age of the world. We are unlike any other generation previous to ours because we have the Internet, cellphones and other new tech. I honestly watched about 50 how to rap videos on YouTube haha. It's awesome that when you don't know something you can just look it up on Google. These last 5 months or so I've taken a step back and looked at what I was contributing to the word through my music. I realized that I didn't make me feel good rapping about money,drugs, women and nice cars all the time. Rap has turned into bragging about how much stuff you've got. And in some cases just mumbling haha. I'm still so young so I want my craft to cover relatable topics like I did with school in my new single 4 Quarters.  

What are you most proud of with the "4 Quarters" track you recently released? Also, who produced it?

The thing I'm most proud about in 4 Quarters is it's true. We all have gone to school and we all have loved it and hated it at times, I'm glad I could portray the real struggle school can be. 4 Quarters was produced by Accent beats. I love his work and y'all should check him out on YouTube. 

Is "4 Quarters", as well as "Slide Thru" a part of an upcoming EP or album you'll be dropping soon?

I'm excited to announce that 4 Quarters and Slide Thru will be added to my Freshman Album/playlist which I'll be working on over the next couple months! Y'all can expect great songs covering real issues in everyday life! As well as a couple bangers to get turnt to! 

Tell us about how you promote your music in Reno; is there a rap music scene in the city, especially for a young artist such as yourself?

Reno is a great city and I think the rap scene is there but it's not big. So I should pull a lot of fans. I've been in touch with local concerts revenues and I'm looking to perform at the end of the summer! It's honestly better being young because you have all the high schools in the area at your disposal! It is hard to find time to really market during the school year because it's a constant grind 24/7. 

Again thanks for this opportunity. 

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