Interview: RnB Artist Travarius Discusses His New Album "Little Black Book."

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Major thanks to Florida City, FL based RnB artist Travarius who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his new album “Little Black Book.”. During our convo with Travarius, we also learned about his creative process for the development of “Little Black Book.”, how it is different than his first album, the RnB scene in Florida City, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Travarius, be sure to connect with him on his website and social media, and listen to “Little Black Book.”

Congratulations on the release of your album, "Little Black Book." Describe your creative process for the development of the album's tracks. Also, how long did the album take to complete?

Thank you so much on the look honestly. During this album I was dealing with a lot of personal demons regarding past and current women. I wanted to come clean of my skeletons once and for all. Not only give closure to myself, but maybe to those women that I'm writing about. It's the least I could do with everything I know I've done. Many nights spent up until 2-3 in the morning writing and crying because of the pain and emotions that were coming out. It gave me peace of mind and a bit of closure, allowing me to move forward and be a better man.

As for the length of time it was fairly quick, but a lot went into it. I began writing and recording the album between March and June, with mixing and mastering being done by July.

What are some things/places or people that inspired you to write the album overall?

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There wasn't any particular place for inspiration, however several ex lovers did inspire this body of work; some being current or at least more recent ex flames, while others being from my buried past. In the end it's meant to be a confession.

How would you say that "Little Black Book." is different than your first album?

"Little Black Book." is a complete 180 from my previous album. This experiments with more melody and RnB influences. More of the music that I always wanted to make since I started seriously in 2013. I attempted this with a previous unreleased body of work, but it wasn't what I envision and though I have more vocal experience than before it's still a process for me and a step up from what I tried before.

My first album "FRUSTRATIONS.", was more rap and bar driven and told a different part of my life. I was in a different place then with friends and just how I felt about life and my music. As the title states I was frustrated with no pun intended and I do what I do best with my life good or bad; I write about it.

Where specifically is Florida City, FL in the state and what's the scene like for RnB music there for emerging artists?

Florida City is literally the bottom of the map you could say, but it host a multitude of talent as Florida has shown and prove before. There is an artist named G.I.L.E.S. who is probably the best singer and leader of RnB we have down here. His creativity and vision is unrivaled. What separates him from many artist is that he has no walls to be boxed into, he's a true, pure artist. It's not as RnB driven as it rap driven, but there are plenty gems if you pay attention and look.

When someone listens to "Little Black Book." for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

I want you to take away life lessons. I want you to see the flaws and the brokenness of a man who is truly sorry for the infidelity and his past transgressions. Hopefully, they can see that people can change and be better. That despite being a shitty dude there's room for change and growth in the end.

The album is a journey from beginning to end, and the story is intense, but also beautiful and sincere. I wish and pray that forgiveness is something I can have, though I know I may not deserve. Much love to any woman that blessed me with their time and presence through the course of whatever time we had together.

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