Interview: RnB/Pop Artist Vee Discusses His New Single "Young & Ballin"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with Los Angeles based RnB/Pop singer-songwriter Vee who literally just dropped his new single “Young & Ballin” today. Vee is originally from Siberia, Russia so during our Q&A we asked about how he learned English, as well as who were some artists that he listened to back in Russia that made the language easier to pick up. We also picked Vee’s brain about his musical goals for 2019 and how he’s grown as an artist.

After reading our interview with Vee, be sure to watch the lyric video to “Young & Ballin” and connect with him on IG.

Major salute to you for the release of your new single "Young & Ballin"; it's very dope. Who produced the track and do you have a video for it coming next?

Thank you so much! The track is produced by an amazing Canadian producer Syndrome. I do have a lyric video, as far as a music video, I guess we’ll see! The song definitely has a vibe, and as soon as I come up with a way to transfer that energy into a video, it’s only a matter of time!

You're originally from Siberia and moved to the US when you were 17. How hard was it to learn English and who were some artists that you listened to back in Russia that made the language easier to pick up?

It’s a definitely difficult answer to give. It wasn’t easy at all, but I wanted it so bad! I couldn’t imagine my life without making music in English, it was everything I listened to growing up! The process was insane: I stayed up late, spent all my free time with books and exercises, trying to get to where I wanted to be as fast as I could. I’m so grateful for this amazing journey, it allowed me to really appreciate the power of the language, and really mean every word I say in my lyrics.

My music influences were always in rap music, so picking up some of that vocabulary was my number one priority. I remember trying to get my hands on 2Pac, N.W.A., Eminem CDs - it wasn’t the easiest thing to find in Russia back then.

You're releasing "Young & Ballin" almost six months after your EP "Reasons". How is this new track different than those on "Reasons"?

I love “Reasons”! I put a lot of heart and sweat into it, but the new music that’s coming out is a little different. I just gave myself that freedom to really say what’s on my mind, and just be free to create what I like. The process of making “Young & Ballin” was fun and exciting, it felt like making my first song all over again. Searching for your sound as an artist is a very difficult process; you have all these things that you wanna say, but you always doubt yourself and try to put yourself in a box. This new era of my music is one hundred percent free, and most importantly - one hundred percent ME!

When/how did you learn that you could sing and since then, how have you grown as a singer and writer?

I started my music journey rapping in Russian. I was about 12-13 years old, listening to a lot of Hip-Hop, which definitely influenced the direction I chose to go in. I never thought I would even attempt to sing or anything; but then, my flow started getting more melodic, and I just had to explore that further!

When I started writing songs in English, I decided to switch it up and went with a more pop sound, which helped me a lot as a singer. However, I feel like I’ve grown the most when I decided to major in Music Theater in college. It was insanely challenging, but it made me a better singer and writer for sure!

Finish this sentence for us - "When people listen to my music, I..."

When people listen to my music, I want them to be inspired to change their lives for the better: work harder, strive for greatness, love themselves and offer their love to other people!

With 2018 winding down, what are your goals musically for 2019?

2019 is going to be my year, I can feel it. I have a lot of great music coming out, that I absolutely love and cannot wait to share with the world! As far as the goals go, I just wanna put out bomb music that people connect with!

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