Interview: RnB Singer-Songwriter Jo The SunChild Talks About Her Single "Til The End" and Upcoming EP "Light"

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We connected with Compton based RnB Singer-Songwriter Jo The SunChild for an exclusive interview to discuss her new single "Til The End" and the EP it will be appearing on, find out how she stands out in a city filled with so many talented artists and much more.

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Tell us about your new name "Jo The SunChild"; what does it signify to you?

The “Jo” in Jo the SunChild comes from my middle name Joann and “Sunchild” to me signifies someone who shines light wherever they go, a youthful spirit, a confident carefree soul,  always learning and ever growing.

We're big fans of your single "Til The End", so much so that we made it our DOPEST Song of the Week. Who produced the song and what motivated you to write it?  

The beat was made by the talented producer Jeri Nova out of Baltimore, Maryland and strings were produced and arranged by an awesome composer/producer named Grant Nicholas Williams, also from Baltimore. I had originally written a version of the song to another track but when I met Nova and heard his music, I knew it was the perfect fit and with the added string section and small tweaks to the lyrics, the song blossomed into the amazing record you hear today! 

Can we expect a visual for "Til The End" soon?

Yes you definitely can! It's coming extremely soon and I really can't wait for everyone to see it.

What can we expect from your "Light" EP? Will "Til The End" appear on it and when do you plan to release it? 

You can expect AMAZING music. This is a project you can play from beginning to end and has a song for every vibe. “Til the End” will be featured on this project along with some other really dope songs I've written that I can't wait for you to hear! Look for "Light" late 2018.

Being based in the Compton, you're surrounded by so many great rap artists include Kendrick Lamar, The Game, etc.; how do you as an RnB artist stand out from the crowd?

I feel like I add a new perspective to the Compton sound, something that hasn't been heard before because I am a female singer and not a rapper; I believe allows me to definitely stand out as a Compton artist.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Okay, if could only choose 3, they'd have to be VIBES, AUTHENTIC & DISTINCT. 

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