Interview: Rochester, NY Rap Artist SeQuence

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SeQuence is a Rochester, NY based rap artist whose new video "Get Away" is one of favorites in rotation right now. We connected with the talented emcee for an exclusive interview to find out more about the rap scene in his hometown of Rochester, his inspiration behind the "Get Away" single/video, and much more.

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Tell us about the scene for rap music in Rochester. How is the music created there influenced by that coming out of NYC?  

The music scene in Rochester is very interesting. There are lots of talented and creative people here. As far as NYC music and how it influences or relates to us I would say that it really doesn't at the moment and it hasn't for a while. Most NYC artist have a southern or Chicago sound, so saying that they influence our sound would like basically saying other regions influence our sound, which they do for most artist here. Unless you're referring to the golden era sound of NYC, which always had an influence on me growing up as a kid personally and still does. Right now everyone's on that trap/808 wave heavy but not just here though, every where haha.

Congrats on the new single/video for "Get Away". What motivated you to write the song and what was your thought process behind the video treatment?  

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. The thought process for that just started with hearing that dope ass beat and listening to it a lot. Then thinking how can I approach this in a chill, relatable and uplifting way. so then I just zoned out, starting vibing to it and letting the lines flow. Just jot down what I like, change what doesn't work bada boom badabing. My thought process is wild random in general, it's comparative to freestyling in my head. I don't really stress going into a song with a specific subject matter in mind, maybe ever once in a blue moon but I just catch what I get from the beat and reflect that into the lyrics for the most part.

Your last release "Tales of A Leader" dropped last year and was very dope. How would you say that the music you are working on now has been elevated since then?  

Thanks a lot man. Since dropping Tales of a Leader, the music I have been working on has been sounding good, I know way more about music and how to get the best sound possible then I did since releasing that. The music I have been making lately has been more of my own personal preference instead of going for that commercial sound or what modern rap is expected to sound like. Not many people make the type of music I like to hear so I need to help contribute to that because anyone that knows me knows that the art is where my heart is at. That's my niché. Always has been, always will be. I appreciate lyricism and witty/clever word play so much. It seems like that's a forgotten thing these days. Right now I'm just trying to fill that void. I've been in my boom-bap, lo-fi bag lately that's where the classics are.

Who have been some of the biggest  influences in your life up to now, both musically and in general?  

Well my biggest influences musicially would have to be (in no order) MF DOOM, Big L (R.I.P), Capital Steez (R.I.P) , Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Wu-Tang, Biggie (R.I.P), Nas, Redman, Mobb Deep, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Tupac (R.I.P), Bone Thugs, Common, AZ, Eminem, Big Pun (R.I.P), Mos Def, Styles P, Jadakiss, Charizma (R.I.P) and Sean Price (R.I.P). That's all I can think of right now but there might be more haha. My biggest life influences would be (in no order again) my parents, my older sister, my Uncle (Mom's side). Influences that I could could consider both musical and life would be my uncle (Dad's side) and my grandpa (R.I.P). My Uncle is a rap artist and hearing his music back in the day before I even thought of rhyming is probably one of the reasons I still do it till this day. My grandpa was a jazz musician way back, he played the saxophone and the keyboard piano. I remember being little and playing on his piano, I've always had an interest in music even as a kid.

If you could collaborate on a song with one non-rap artist, who would you pick?  

That's a really good question, if I was popular enough maybe Jhenè Aiko she's great; she has a different sound or Keisha Plum. Her spoken words are slept on.

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