Interview: Saginaw, MI Based Rapper and D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment Co-Founder King SwaVay

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We connected with rap artist and D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment co-founder King SwaVay to talk about his new hit single “Back Pockets”, the Hip-Hop music scene in Saginaw, MI, his musical goals for the year, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new single "Back Pockets". What are you most proud of with this track?

Thanks a lot for the coverage once again! It is appreciated! What I am most proud about this track is the fact that we really representing our city Saginaw, Michigan to the fullest. It's a small city compared to the likes of Lansing, Detroit, or Grand Rapids - we just want to show that there's talented individuals here too! But more importantly, I'm proud that the ladies are really loving this track as well! That's always a plus.

What initially inspired you to write the song and how did you end up with the instrumental provided by The Architekz?

We honestly just wanted to make a fun track that ladies could dance too. Seriously we didn't make it with the intentions of it being a single but the feedback for it was so positive, we had no choice! The Architekz beat was found via Soundcloud and we just reached out to him for the exclusive.... the rest is history!

Can we expect "Back Pockets" to be appearing on an upcoming EP or album?

Most definitely can expect "Back Pockets" to be on an upcoming EP, mixtape, or album. Either is a possibility - but for right now we're just going to ride the wave and see where it takes us.

Tell us about D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment, which you founded with ME8ighty. Why did you two decide to create this publisher and music group?


When we made D.R.E.E.M., the goal set out was to make music that was deep, relevant, everlasting, and entertaining! Those were the elements that we wanted to stick by when creating songs - be it one or a combination of them. We felt that mainstream music kind of became a cash grab and too gimmicky - and we set out to change that!

The independent music scene is more empowered now than it has ever been and literally anyone can make it in with the right network, resources, team, and plan of course! And Nas said it best..."Start a label, run it sign yourself...that's a major key."

Describe the Hip-Hop music scene in Saginaw. You've mentioned that it's a very small town; are locals supportive of homegrown talent like yourself?

The Saginaw music scene is thriving and lively as ever, however there's not many outlets for performing at all. A lot of the local bars, clubs, and venues are petrified of Hip-Hop and the 'hood' stigma attached to it. So it makes it that much harder to really do anything significant in the city without resistance - creativity is needed. Due to the over saturated nature of the rap scene - some Saginaw locals tend to only support those who they know personally. It's like if you already have a brother, friend, cousin, and uncle who does rap music, why would you pay attention to Young _____ (insert rap name) from around the way who also raps? If he isn't already making noteworthy moves, he ain't nothing special lol. Best way to describe the scene is very competitive!

With "Back Pockets" out now, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of the year?

More and more singles and videos! Building a B-U-Z-Z is our main goal from here on out until December 32nd and beyond! And no, December 32nd was not a typo!

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