Interview: San Antonio Based Rapper Jason Greensocks

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Jason Greensocks is a 23 year old rap artist originally from Houston, who is now based in San Antonio. He has been entertaining since he was young, winning numerous talent all the way until high school when he decided to form a Hip-Hop duo, The New Society (@NewSocietytx), with label mate Torre Isaiah. Since then Jason Greensocks has focused on innovating new flows and creating a style of rap blending punchlines with rapid flows to create his own unique style, a style that is clearly evident in “Collected”, the first single from his forthcoming mixtape.

We connected with Jason Greensocks for an exclusive interview to discuss the “Collected” single, as well as his creative process for developing new music, the Hip-Hop music scene in San Antonio and much more. After reading our Q&A with Jason Greensocks, be sure to follow him on IG and Twitter and be on the lookout for his soon to be released mixtape.

Salute to you on the release of your new single "Collected". It's very dope. Who produced it and what motivated you to write and record it?

For “Collected” I linked up with a producer named Sahara. I came across one of his beats in the studio and once it started playing the whole room could just vibe to it. Crazy energy, so I just hummed some melodies. I feel like everything just came together nicely on that one. The best tracks come effortless.

Describe for us your creative process for song development. Do you do most writing in the studio or elsewhere and what do you look for in beats?

Apparently I do my music the old fashion way. Everyone I make music with hops in the booth and freestyles a bop in 45 seconds. First time hearing the beat. I have to hear like 10 beats until one catches my ear. Then I have to hum 100 melodies and cadences until feel confident I can hit the beat from like 72 different angles. Finally, after that I start laying down the lyrics to my vision. And if it doesn't sound exactly like I want I scrap it and it goes into the cheeks folder. We don't talk about the cheeks folder.

Tell us about the duo you are a part of, The New Society, with your label mate Torre Isaiah. How did you guys connect?

Man, me and T have known each other for about 8-9 years now. We met back in high school and ever since then it's just automatic positive energy. The New Society is our hip-hop group where you get to hear our two different styles on the same track. You got T pushing me on melodies and me pushing him on verses to create some of our best music. Right now we're releasing solo projects and putting in some ground work. The New Society dropped an album this year called “The Art Gallery” that amassed over 24k streams, so we felt like we would give the fans a little time to sit on that while we stay busy.

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When most people think about Texas Hip-Hop, the first place that comes to mind is Houston. Tell us about the Hip-Hop scene in San Antonio. How do you fit in to the music community there?

Most definitely. I have mad love for Houston. My friends always clowning me because I’m a straight nerd, but I really spent days out in Third-ward. (I had to squeeze that into an interview). Ha, but on the serious side Texas is a beautiful place and there's talent all over it. For example, San Antonio. Outside of the New Society, San Antonio has a few artists making big moves. There’s people like Phillip Wolf, King Khali, Angel Cintron, and more eating. Then a couple miles north in the Austin area there's dudes like mega engineer Chris Locke. There's Lamar, Hinton, MC, BthaOne, Kenny Gee. Too much talent to mention.

I just kinda vibe out wherever to be honest. I feel pretty intertwined with the Austin hip-hop scene. I guess part of that is because I didn't start releasing serious songs until I had moved to Austin. It's all love though, I’m 210 Alamo Ranch certified. That's not the hood.

Finish this sentence - "In 2019, Jason Greensocks will..."

In 2019 Jason Greensocks will enter a level of focus unlike any other. I'm in a really good place right now with everything so it's just a matter of making the correct moves to accomplish the goals for success I have set for myself.

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