Interview: Singer-Songwriter and Author TANI Discusses Her Single/Video "Mine" and Her Upcoming Book "Sugar Don't Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with TANI, a New Orleans based singer-songwriter who recently released the visual to her single “Mine”. During our interview with TANI we discuss the “Mine” single/video, her upcoming book “Sugar Don't Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice”, what she does for fun when she’s not working on music, and much more.

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How did you start songwriting initially and who are some artists who've inspired you from a creative standpoint?

I almost can’t remember a time where I didn’t write songs TBH.

I have been writing songs since I could write. Literally. Since about 4 years old on paper plates with crayons and markers about Teddy bears and candy.

My favorite songwriters growing up were Prince, Mariah Carey, Babyface and Missy Elliott.

Congratulations to you on the release of your new single/video "Mine"; you are definitely starting 2019 out on the right foot. What inspired you to write the song and why did you decide to shoot a video for it?

Thanks! I am working on a book called SUGAR DON’T GO IN GRITS Pretty Bad Dating Advice from Pretty Bad Mouf. “Mine” is off the soundtrack for the book. This chapter is about all things we go through when we are “crushing” on someone. I decided to shoot the video because it’s one of the softest songs I’ve shared to date with my fans. I think everyone knows my feisty side over trap beats not a lot have seen my vulnerable side yet. I wanted to offer a more intimate vibe with the video too. The video was the most candid I have done. We shot it in Amarillo, TX because these dope Cadillacs are just shoved into the ground and were calling my name!

Tell us about the upcoming book you wrote "Sugar Don't Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice"; what motivated you to write in and is it all based on personal experience?

I am THAT friend or family member everyone runs too for advice that they don’t take so I used to make videos about it on my stories. When my dms started getting flooded with similar questions, I decided to put it in a book. The book is a combo of things I have gone through personally, seen or helped someone else get through.

When you aren't in the recording studio or in front of a laptop writing new chapters, what do you like to do for fun? And would you say that these activities inspire new topics to write about?

For fun, I like to eat or cook. Food is my life so I’m sure grabbing a bite to eat with someone most definitely has inspired topics. Maybe one day I’ll make a cook book full of Pretty Bad Recipes lol.

What would have to happen this year for you to look back on December 31st, 2019, and say that it was a success?

All I ever want to do is use my platform, however big or small it may be to help somebody in some way.

As long as inspire, uplift or motivate at least one new person in a positive way, I’m good.

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