Interview: Singer-Songwriter and Visual Artist LeeMann Bassey

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LeeMann Bassey is a multifaceted artist from Central Islip, NY who recently released an incredible music video for his single "Boom Boom Boom". We connected with LeeMann for this exclusive interview to find out how the video came about, how he learned to create the visuals, learn more about his new text message based web-series, and much more.

All I can say is WOW in regards to the Boom Boom Boom music video. Tell us about how you created the visuals and what prompted the idea to go for the comic book vibe? 

Thank you. Well I've always been obsessed with the supernatural. Supernatural shows like "Captain Planet" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and movies like the "Mortal Kombat" Series and Batman (specifically the "Batman Forever" movie lol), really made my childhood special. So it was important for me to bring that special interest of mine to the world in my videos. 

The whole video was created and designed by me on the computer using digital art and video making software.

How did you learn to do all of the visual art for the video production? Did you go to school for it? 

I learned the visual art and video production on my own actually lol. I'm obsessed with YouTube and there are some talented people on there that like to give valuable information to the world. So I learned from their well explained videos. 

I actually went to college for Communications. I took a lot creative writing classes, so the storytelling aspect of creative writing definitely helped me with making a compelling animated story with my video rather than random digital drawings that have no relationship to each other lol. 

Would you consider yourself a singer/songwriter or visual artist first? Why? 

I consider myself an "Artist." People express their art form in different ways. My art form encompasses singing, songwriting and the visual arts. If one is missing, the heart of my art form will be missing also.

If you had to describe yourself as an creative in three words to a stranger, which words would you choose? 

Honest, Believer, and Foreseer.

Tell us about your newly debuted text message based web-series "His Messenger". How can our readers check it out?

After writing my debut single “Honey” with my co-writer Jeffrey Watkins, the psychotic lyrics inspired me to go deeper into the horror realm and create a horror web series and horror artwork. 

Although, one day I was texting Jeffrey and thought to myself, "we live in a world now where we really never know if the person texting us is actually doing what they say they are doing... because we can't actually see them." That was nothing against him though, just a thought in general lol. That's what sparked the idea of the series.  

The series is text message based and during each episode the viewers must decide whose lying and whose actually in the presence of “His Messenger.” 

The series is exclusively on my Facebook page at

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