Interview: Singer-Songwriter/Producer MOLLĒ Discusses Her New Single "W U" and Compares the Music Industry/Scene in LA to Nashville

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We connected with Los Angeles via Nashville based alternative pop/electronic artist and producer MOLLĒ for an exclusive interview to discuss her self-produced new single “W U”. We also talked with MOLLĒ about how she became so proficient as a musician, producer and engineer, how she compares the music industry/scene in Los Angeles to Nashville, we find out what she does to unwind when not working on music, and much more.

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You're not just a singer-songwriter, you produce and know your way around the mixing, recording, and mastering consoles. How did you get so proficient with all these important roles in the music creation process?

I think it was a mix of trial & error, drive, & luck. I've been really lucky to be given the opportunity over the last few years to sit in and work with some great producers and engineers. I've learned so much about what it takes to make a great record come together on the technical side, and realized that no one was gonna be more passionate about my music than myself. So I am in love with being completely hands on.

Congratulations on the completion and release of your new single "W U". Walk us through your creative process for the single when it came to songwriting and production.

Thank you! It kind of came together in two installments. I have been "binge" writing a lot over the last 8 months, and actually completed the track back in August of 2018, not really having a concentrated goal for it. So I set it aside. Earlier this year, I was driving around the city listening to the work tape (I love a good track to drive to), and ya know it just brought back this sweep of memories... all these summer vibes, and the rest of it started coming together. I knew I wanted it to be the first release of the year. It was also amazing to have Shaun Richardson be kind enough to lend me his guitar talents. It just added an amazing element to the track.

As an artist/producer, how would you compare the music industry/scene in Los Angeles to Nashville?

It's crazy the contrast between the two. I feel like where the other one might lack in certain areas, the other one makes up for it. I'm from L.A. I love the grind. Everyone is hustling and making it happen. In contrast, I think Nashville is more relaxed, and about really connecting, especially in the production world. I think both is valuable. I am really lucky to be based out of both.

When you are not working on new music, how do you unwind and what do you do for fun?

Aaaaaaahhhhh. What is that? Haha, I'm kidding. It's really hard to "clock out" of the music industry. I think it is important to take some time, turn off the phone. Enjoy your surroundings. Read a good book. Journal. Go for a walk. Our souls need a reset now and then to stay sane.

As far as fun goes though, I love amusement parks, NBA season (Go Lakers, Go Warriors), and family time when possible.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist/producer in this day and age of music streaming, social media, etc, and what frustrates you the most?

There are a lot of great things about this era. I think the accessibility to so much, that someone who purely loves making music, and wants to share it can have a platform. I think putting out singles has brought back a lot of creativity that the early LP era had, which is focusing on songs, not just making full records. A lot of the new artists being discovered right now are bending many of the so called "rules".

All of it is amazing and open.

However, I think the positive can be a negative at times. Like social media numbers and stats; they can get in the way of quality or potential when they become the focus. It is mentally damaging to always be subconsciously comparative or feel like your worth is only in numbers, which are easy to manipulate. I think if we can keep the focus on the music, the work, and honest connection, the possibilities are endless really.

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