Interview: Skyler Cocco Discusses Her Debut Album "Reverie" And Touring

Photo by: Alejandra Lopez

Photo by: Alejandra Lopez

Skyler Cocco is a New York based Alternative Rock/Grunge singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who just released her debut album "Reverie" on Diversion Records. We connected with Skyler to discuss "Reverie" and what excites her the most about its release, as well as what motivated her to make the transition in her sound from Pop to Alternative Rock/Grunge, and much more. 

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Congratulations on your debut album "Reverie" which dropped today. What are you most excited about with this release?

Thank you so much! Firstly, I'm really excited to establish myself and my sound in today's music world.  This is only the beginning for me and I'm really happy to continue exploring my sound and taking my music further. This album was extremely personal and took two years to make. Zach Miller (co-producer, mixing, mastering & engineering on the album) really took my sound to the next level and I cannot thank him enough for dedicating so much of his time and effort towards making "Reverie" sound and feel like a reflection of myself.  Ultimately I'm most excited for everyone to hear what we've been working so hard on and I'm pumped to finally release it.  

As an 11 year old, what attracted you to your father's basement recording studio where you first learned how to use the studio equipment and play instruments (bass,  guitar and piano)?

I had been writing songs since I was 7 years old, and at a certain point I couldn't keep imagining what the accompaniment was like in my head, so I needed to make it come alive. My dad bought an 8-track digital recording machine in 2003, and after a few lessons watching how the machine worked I found myself recording almost daily.  When I produce a song I usually hear a part in my head, so when I wanted a guitar line I'd learn it myself. Then I taught myself piano, bass and programming drums to fill out my songs more.  Music was a huge creative outlet for me, as my head is almost constantly flooded with song ideas and melodies.  Having that basement studio was a place for me to begin practicing my craft and release creative energy. 

What motivated you to make the transition in your sound from Pop to a heavier Alternative Rock/Grunge sound?

The switch was totally natural. Writing and producing pop music is a very easy process for me and I do enjoy it still, but I never had as much of an emotional attachment to my songs as I have had writing in a more alternative/grunge sound. My influences growing up were hardly pop related (minus my Miley Cyrus obsession) but the music I listened to the most (Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Silversun Pickups) became a soundtrack of inspiration for my songwriting as I entered young adulthood.  Being able to make music like those artists and also convey my emotions through my songwriting has put a much bigger meaning to my music overall.  

Photo by: Joe Carrotta

Photo by: Joe Carrotta

Tell us about your tour. Have you been performing many of the songs that will appear on "Reverie"? Also, what do you enjoy most about performing live?

The album has been two years in the making (I started writing it my senior year of college in 2015) but I've been playing with my band since mid 2016.  The songs were mostly written and produced by the time we started playing shows, so a bunch of the songs on the album are what we have been performing live.  Playing live is quite the trip!  I had a bit of stage fright up until my junior year of high school, and now since playing in a few bands at college and later fronting my own band I've never felt more comfortable on stage.  I also absolutely adore my band (Nica Statman, Zach Miller, Nic Palmeri, Jake Fineman).  They are all incredible musicians I met while studying at the SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory, and they make my songs come alive every show. 

Dopecausewesaid is based in Raleigh, NC; we'll love to see you around our way in the near future on stage. Will you be traveling to various states in the coming months in support of the new album?

We've been consistently playing around New York City, and we have a couple shows lined up in Brooklyn, Manhattan and upstate New York. We are working on a few SUNY tours and branching out into neighboring states in the northeast later in the Fall, but I'd love to head south at some point and explore other music scenes in the USA! 

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