Interview: Sydney Rapper J.P. Discusses His New Song "Over" and the Hip-Hop Scene in Australia

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We connected with Sydney based rap artist J.P. for an exclusive interview to discuss his new song “Over”, his upcoming EP of the same name, the Hip-Hop scenes in Sydney and Australia in general, and much more.

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We're based in the United States but we get a lot of submissions from Australian rap artists, and we're totally blown away by the talent level in your country. What are your thoughts about the Australian hip-hop scene heading into 2020?

Australian hip-hop is in the best position it has been in years. We have a fresh wave of talent coming through with a modern sound that is connecting internationally. Before there was a stigma that we had to really show our Aussie accent quite strongly to the point where it sounded like it was forced.

The new generation are telling stories on their upbringing in Australia, with an Aussie accent scaled to capture worldwide interest.

Being based in Sydney, how would you describe the hip-hop music scene there. Are there a lot of venues to perform and opportunities to grow your fan base in the city?

Again this is something that in the past has been quite difficult. There was never a strong hip-hop culture in Australia in comparison to America and the UK; however the city is currently in the works if rejuvenation of the night life in Sydney for economic growth.

There has also been a Beats 1 show called ‘The New Australia’ to showcase new Australian hip-hop talent. Hoping to get on that playlist in the future. A few things in the works but this is definitely an opportunity to grow the culture.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Relatable, diverse, storytelling

Salute to you on the release of your new single "Over"; how did you connect with Monique Simone and the producer C-Major?

Appreciate that, both C-Major and Monique Simone are fellow Sydneysiders in the music scene here in Australia. I first met C-Major about 7 years ago. We connected on social media and then we linked up at the studio and I have recorded with him for all of my music since then. I met Monique Simone through her older brother who is a fellow MC from Sydney I did a collab with on one of my earlier mixtapes.

"Over" will be a featured on your upcoming EP of the same name. What can you tell us about the "Over" EP? Do you have a release date in mind?

The “Over” EP has been in the making for a few years now. It is a representation of life being in waves. We all have ups and downs but every ending has a new beginning. Over doesn’t mean that everything is over. Some experiences we have become over while some are never over. No matter what I go through personally the passion I have for music always keeps me going.

I’m looking at first quarter of 2020 but not a specific date as yet.

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