Interview: Syn Discusses His New Project "The BlakOut EP"

Syn is a New York based rap artist and the owner of SynCo Entertainment and recently released his debut project "The BlakOut EP".  It's only right that we connect with the talented emcee to discuss his highly rated EP, the importance of him not just be an artist, but an owner, and much more. 

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Tell us about the first song you wrote "Blakout" and the importance of this song, especially since you named your EP that title.

The song BlakOut really means a lot to me because it really is the epitome of venting on a song.  I've been through a lot in my independent career before becoming an artist, more negative than positive I'd say, and those frustrations that have been weighing on me were able to finally be put at ease as I poured them all onto the track.

How hard was it for you to make the decision to leave school to pursue your musical aspirations? Did you have a lot of people in your ear telling you that you shouldn't do it?

School was never really my strong suit either way, so leaving school was never the part that was hard.  The hard part was finding the courage to tell my parents, especially after all the loans they took out for me to go to school just to drop out and randomly want to make music. And I think the only person in my ear was myself in the beginning, because I truly didn't know where to start or what to do and I found myself questioning if I had made the right choice.

Why was it important for you to not just be an artist but to be a business owner with SynCo Entertainment? What other artists are on the roster and what do you and your team have in store for the remainder of the year?

Being a business owner and not just an artist was always important to me because I wanted to make sure I built something that can constantly grow and build a future for not just me, but my family as well.  As an artist, yes many have achieved such a goal, but if you notice, the ones that have achieved it have dove into the business side of the industry as well.  Other artists I have on the SynCo roster include Stoner Simpson, Kurrent, NoBody, PiK, Dupe, Smoove and DT. 2017's main focus is raising more working capital for the business, finishing everyone's debut project, opening SynCo Studios, and the release of one or two of the artists working with me.  

What are you most proud of with "The BlakOut EP" and what message do you have for the those who are discovering your music for the first time because of this interview?

I'd have the say what I am most proud of with The BlakOut EP is the story I've told.  Nowadays it is very difficult to find a project that tells a story, I believe the last person to do it successfully was Kendrick Lamar on Good Kid Maad City.  Music to me is like art, when you go to a art show, you don't skim through all the art on the wall and leave do you?  No, you really take the time to appreciate and learn about every piece shown, and that is what I like to make sure I do with every song for the listeners.  

What song of your catalog would you say personifies you the most as an artist and label owner?

As BlakOut was my first song, if you had asked me then, BlakOut would be my answer, but as I continued to build my project I wrote a song entitled Hold Up.  This song is very short (and I do plan on making an extended version), but it really tells the story of where I was, what I've achieved and what is to come.  Along side the very talented Mark Henry who produced the record for me, the record portrays me realizing that this dream is coming closer and closer to a reality, and it's time to get my head in the game and make it happen, not only for me, but my entire team because we all deserve this.

If you had to select three words that define you as an artist/label owner the most, what ones would you choose?

Three words that really describe me as an artist and business owner would have to be, Driven, Passionate and Dedicated.  I chose those three because no matter what happens at the end of this road, looking back at my journey, everyone will be able to agree I was always the most driven, most passionate and most dedicated to my craft, my business and most importantly my team.

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