Interview: Synthpop Innovators Information Society Discusses Their New Single "World Enough"

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It’s not everyday that we at DCWS get the opportunity to interview pop music innovators, but our time has come. We connected with synthpop innovators Information Society (Kurt Larson, Paul Robb and James Cassidy) to discuss their new single “World Enough”, find out why their 80’s hit song “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)” has become so ingrained, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Information Society, stream “World Enough” on your favorite streaming platform, and connect with them on social media and check out their website.

Congratulations on the release of your new single "World Enough". What motivated the creation of this song and who produced it?

(PAUL) The title and chorus lyrics for the song were taken from the famous poem by Andrew Marvell from the 1600's titled "To His Coy Mistress." That should probably be enough to give you an idea what the song is about! The song was produced by Information Society.

Information Society is known as innovators of synth-pop or electropop, and your sound has inspired artists like Lady Gaga, Chvrches, M83, Cut Copy, and many more. Your hit single "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)", is coming up on its 30 years anniversary. Why do you think that the song still resonates with so many music fans and has stood the test of time?

(KURT) 31 years, in fact! Released in June of 1988. I don't know whether it has stood the test of time, or whether it simply installed itself deeply into people's memories from that time. The question would be: Are *new* people enjoying it, or is it primarily people who enjoyed it then who are still enjoying it now? I tend to think more the latter, but I really don't know. Any song which is played enough, which people hear enough, becomes part of their memories of that time. Like a Proustian madeleine, the song triggers a full-brain memory of a past state of being. This can be a powerful experience, and I think this is why people sometimes bond to songs so strongly.

Tell us about your upcoming show at Radio City Music Hall on February 9th. What do you look forward to the most about the performance?

(KURT) The best thing about these Freestyle-reunion-type shows is the nostalgia; seeing some of the artists we used to know back in the 80's, and seeing how they are doing now; hearing about their lives and families. It's fun!

Can you give us some insider information about the songs that the group will be performing?

(KURT) Well there are *many* acts, so we are only doing two or three songs! We will do 'Running' and 'What's On Your Mind?' for sure, and maybe 'Think' as well.

What are the group's goals musically for 2019? Can we expect a new Information Society EP or album soon?

(KURT) We want to release one song every 3-4 months from now on. We have three more songs in the pipe ready to go after 'World Enough' already!

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