Interview: Tampa Based Rap/RnB Artist and Producer KEEKO

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KEEKO is a talented Rap/RnB artist and producer from Tampa who we've connected with for an exclusive interview. She recently dropped her video "PARANOID", so it's only right that we pick her brain about the song itself and the visuals, as well as the urban music scene in Tampa, and much more.

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Congrats to you for the release of your new video "PARANOID". Tell us about how this song came about and what led you to create a video for it.

Thank you! This song represents a typical love hate relationship. going back and fourth to the point that you become paranoid as what is next. It represents the anxiety in a relationship. This song represents drug addiction, and how it ruins relationships. How one day you want me, and the next you go back to drugs. Basically not knowing what to expect.

The music video shows me being alone, vibin' out and a masked man is following me the whole way. The masked man represents me feeling sketchy like someone is always watching me. The song also shows that in a relationship, you get sucked into whatever your partner is doing as well, This is a song where I feel like fans could take it how they want. We all have our own battles. 

Can we expect to hear "PARANOID" on an upcoming EP or album?

YES for sure! This is JUST the beginning! : ) I couldn't be more excited to share my new music with everyone!

You're an artist and producer; how did you get your start as a music creator?

Years of learning. I got ripped off a lot on production so one day I decided to take things into my own hands and do what I WANT. I love the ability to create and produce my sound exactly how I want. I started recording in a tiny closet, learning everything from scratch...It quickly grew from there!

Tell us about the urban music scene in Tampa. Would you say that the locals are supportive of the homegrown music coming out of the city?

YES, Tampa, FL is close. I believe that we all support each other and wish the best, We are a TEAM. 

We're in an era where female rap artists like Rapsody, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj are having substantial impact in the rap game. As an emerging artist, what have you learned from them that you can adapt to your own music career?

Constantly making new material and releasing. I've learned that you need to stay on top of your game. You can't slack. It is also good to release DIFFERENT styles of music. I respect the hustle of the females.

What's up with your upcoming shows in Los Angeles and Tampa? How can the readers of this interview be in the audience when you perform?

I will be posting show dates and tix on my Instagram as they come up :) Still planning specific dates. 

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