Interview: Texas Based Rap Artist Pro Zay

Pro Zay is a Central Texas based rap artist who just released a very DOPE eight track EP entitled "solve". We connected with this talented emcee to discuss "solve", his musical influences coming from such a music rich state, his goals for the remainder of 2017 and much more.

After reading our exclusive Q&A with Pro Zay be sure to follow him on social media and definitely stream/download "solve". Our review of the EP is coming real soon, so stay tuned for that.

There's a long legacy of rap artists from Texas who have made major impacts in the music industry. Who were some of the Texas based rappers who influenced you coming up?

It would have to be Screw, Scarface, UGK, Travis Scott, but there was so much mad talent outta Texas.

What part of Texas specifically are you from and what are your thoughts about the music scene there?

Central Texas, in between Austin and San Antonio, those two cities are where the music is, there ain't a damn thing here in the middle. 

Tell us about your new EP "solve". How did you select which songs made the cut and how long did it take to record it overall?

solve is a double entendre dark wave concept EP, revolving around the base concept of Hermeticism, the Baphomet, chakras, the Universe, and energy, each track loosely but solidly speaks on these concepts, and each track flows together in it, whilst also more clearly touching on the bases of depression, and suicidal tendencies really finishing the dark presence of the tape, and concluding in how I managed to solve these inner demons persay, or at least cope with them. There's also tons of southern references all over this joint. I do this all by myself, mixing, sample cuts, editing, production selection, and lyrics. There were plenty of songs that didn't make the cut, but after 1 and a half years of working on it, the ones I chose just for perfectly for what I wanted. 

If you had to describe your music to a stranger using only three words, which ones would you select?

Trill, dark, experimental 

With "solve" out now, what are your goals musically for the remainder of 2017?

To get started on the next tape, even before I dropped solve like during the mixing phase I already started on the next one, it never stops

Who are your top 5 rappers and why?

This one is hard cause it can always change. But right now, Earl, Danny Brown, Noname, Isaiah Rashad, and Outkast, honorable mentions doom, Nas. 

How would you say that you stand out from other Texas based rap artists?

Shit idk lol I just make cool stuff that I like, and other dudes make real nice stuff that they like. I don't like to compare everyone shines in they own way. I just want you to vibe with it.

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