Interview: Toronto Rapper Boland Discusses His New Single "Post Card" and Upcoming Album "Polychrome"

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We connected with Toronto based rap artist Boland for an exclusive interview to discuss his very dope new single "Post Card", as well as why lyricism is still important in 2018, and how he can dispel the myth held by some American rap fans that there are no Canadian rappers worthy of listening to after Drake. 

Major salute to Boland for providing us with great answers to our questions. After reading our Q&A with the talented emcee, be sure to stream and share "Post Card" on connect with him on social media to stay up to date on when he'll be dropping new music.

As a lyrically gifted rap artist in 2018 with trap and mumble rap seemingly as their zenith, why is lyricism important to you?

To expand on a point you’ve made – although mumble rap and trap are dominating the charts, I do think that lyricism has a real place in 2018. Let’s look at people today who are really moving the needle. Almost all of them can really rap.  Chance won a Grammy. Drake is the biggest living artist, and as much as he has pop sensibilities (which I also love) he can really rap. Kendrick Lamar might be the most important artist alive. J. Cole has a rabid fan base and makes really important music.  Look at Logic. His fans go crazy for him – he sells out arena tours! Lyricism is important because all of these people are the ones who have sustainable careers. They are the ones whose music will be discussed in ten years, twenty years.

Also, I got into this to say something; I got into this to make good art that will last. I don’t want to jump trends and be a flash in the pan. Even when I incorporate new beats and current sounds, I do it with integrity and purpose and truth. I think that sets me apart.

How do you as a rapper dispel the general misconception by some American fans that after Drake, there are no other Canadian rappers worthy of listening to?

That’s a tough one. Attention is so hard to get, and it’s never been more widespread than today. That being said we have so much to offer here. I think the way I can dispel that is by making incredible music. See, the thing is, I don’t view my competition as this Country. I view it as the world. I am vying for listening time against the best there is.

With Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube, the best music made on the whole entire planet is right at your fingertips. I better be able to compete in that world if I’m to have a chance making any real impact. So, to answer the question, I have to make music that is as good or better than what’s being offered. If I package it the right way it will be clicked on. It will be listened to. It will be given a chance. After that, it’s up to me.

Salute to you for your new track “Post Card”; it definitely has a trap feel to it but your rhymes elevate it to the next level of pure Hip-Hop. What led you to create it and how did you connect with Nawms on the production?

Thanks for listening and thanks for enjoying! I’ll start with the second half of the question. Nawms and I have been working together almost exclusively since 2014. I met him when I was rooming in Mississauga, Ontario, and we hit it off both personally and professionally. Not only is he my producer, he is also my friend. We have chemistry because of that. What led us to create "Post Card" was just having fun. I was like “What do you think I’d sound like on a trap banger?” and he’s so down to try new things that he was into it. He was like “let’s do it”. The next day I had the beat and the rest, as they say, is history.

How do you plan to follow up your project “No Days Off”, where you dropped one song every week for 13 weeks? 

I am following "No Days Off" with a traditional album, "Polychrome". "Polychrome" in its most simplistic definition means, “varied colouring”. This album showcases the many shades of Boland; the album has 3 sides, each a colour exemplifying an element of my personality and psyche. Part one is red, part two is blue, and part three is green. That’s all I can offer now.

With 2018 winding down, are your goals musically for the remainder the year?

My goals for the remainder of the year are to finish and release "Polychrome", to continue the hype and growth of "Post Card" and to continue cultivating a grass roots following through performance. Luckily I have a team in place; NVNG No Limits are an events and merchandising company that I am an ambassador for, and they’re taking over the live sphere in Toronto. Everyday is crammed and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could collaborate with any living artist on a track, who would you select and what would be the name of the song?

Kendrick Lamar. The track? “God Is Real”. Hopefully I manifest that now or something. Universe, you listening?

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