Interview: Toronto's NightStillYoung Discusses His New Video "Cool Under Pressure" and Upcoming Project "Whatever Helps You Sleep"


We connected with Toronto based rap artist NightStillYoung (NSY) for an exclusive interview to discuss his new music video “Cool Under Pressure”, which appears on his debut album “NSY”. We also asked NSY about his upcoming project "Whatever Helps You Sleep", the origins of his stage moniker and most importantly, why we all should be checking for his music.

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Tell us about your name "NightStillYoung". What does it represent for you as an artist and music brand?

The name NightStillYoung came from many things. I used to go by Coop when I started out 5-6 years ago, and then changed my name cause it was something I felt fit.

So I was in the really early stages of working on this project - which would eventually become NSY just over a year later - and was out with some homies one night. We were talkin’ bout what type of sound, content, direction would be on this project. I wasn't a kid no more, I wanted this album in particular to show people that. But a major thing was with how I can express my music in a way that people can connect with. I love the dark, I did all my stuff at night; chilled with my homies, listened to beats, wrote to music, went over things with my team, and other things that come in the night time...The name NightStillYoung was born cause all these factors gave me the idea of what I am. I was always the kid stayin up hours through the night doing whatever he did, and I know that every day ain't free. Wanna use as much of it I can, that’s why the name came about. NightStillYoung.

Salute to you on the release of your new video "Cool Under Pressure". What led you to create the song initially and why do a video for it out of all the songs on your debut album "NSY"?

Aye man thanks very much. The song "Cool Under Pressure" was actually the very last track I made for "NSY". We made somethin' like 20 tracks for the album and picked 8 songs for the final project. For the track itself, I just made it for the stuff behind the scenes, the work involved. I been starting to see where my priorities at, and how to balance that out like everyone else does. Just gotta stay with it and keep yourself composed through whatever you doing.

Me and my videographer met up to discuss the album, and we both had "Cool Under Pressure" as the first one on our list in making a video for. We thought it should be the first video off "NSY" because we the song just had that bounce to it while still being natural.

When most Americans think about Toronto Hip-Hop, the first name that comes to mind is Drake. Why should we expand our horizons and be checking for new music from NightStillYoung?

I just gotta say, I been a fan of him for a long time and respect everything he's done - but people should listen to NightStillYoung because I believe Im good at what I do. I been making music for years and feel my craft is something people can relate to, and even escape to. I know as of right now I am overlooked but when you hear my music, you ride the beat with me. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to someone refreshing in our current day of music? It would be ignorant not to because a city has a successful star already...there are many stars in T.O.

What can you tell us about your upcoming project "Whatever Helps You Sleep"?

Look, I been thinking about not doing a project for a while cause I just dropped the album "NSY" in February. But I just got so many ideas that I gotta put these into a mixtape and express it to people. The tape I’m currently working on, "Whatever Helps You Sleep" is gonna hit everyone by surprise. It'll be perfect for the winter, which is my favourite time of year. The darkness feel of the season will come through the expression of this tape. I'm still trying to figure out my shit, like many people are..."Whatever Helps You Sleep" is a way I am guiding through life's ups and downs.

From an artistic standpoint, how will "Whatever Helps You Sleep" be different that "NSY"?

Artistically, my fans and new listeners will hear more diversity and range. I am confident in my team regarding how future projects will be engineered and mixed; this is something past listeners of NightStillYoung have already probably noticed from my last album. The amount of instrumentals we have for this tape is amazing.

Since the last album, I have had many producers hit my email or meet with me in studio to show me their work. I am always thinking of ways to attack some of these beats getting sent my way, but I am also focusing on being more hands-on the production. Can't wait for y'all to hear "Whatever Helps You Sleep", coming this winter!

Finish this sentence - "In 2019, NightStillYoung's music will be..."

Banging outta your homie's whip, your girl's whip, and most importantly...your whip too!

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