Interview: UK Based Artist DDark Discusses His New Video "No Other"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with talented UK based artist DDark, who recently released the very DOPE visual to his single “No Other”. During our interview with DDark, we find out whether “No Other” will be featured on an upcoming project, who the leading lady and dancers from the video are, why underground pirate radio stations have played such an important role in his career thus far, and much more.

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Where in the UK are you based and what's the music scene like for artists such as yourself there?

I am based in East London, in the UK. The music scene here today is better than it’s ever been. There’s so many more opportunities and platforms for artists such as myself to share our musical art with people who are in a similar position.

Congratulations on the release of the video for your single "No Other". Can we expect to find the track on an upcoming EP or album at some point this year?

Thank you; this track will be on the forthcoming album for sure, which I’m looking forward to releasing in 2019. There are some great tracks which I can’t wait for people to listen to.

Who produced "No Other", and what are your most proud of with both the song and video?

The song was produced by Lazarus, Kos Dillon and myself; we spent hours in the studio together. Working with such talented producers makes me extremely proud and shows how far I have come in my career. The track itself is influenced from my own experiences and I feel honoured that these experiences are conveyed through this track.

Where was the "No Other" video filmed and who was your co-star, as well as the dancers?

“No Other” was filmed in the Netherlands. The lovely co-star goes by the name of Patricia who is a model living in the Netherlands and the dancers are a group called Unknowing, also based in the Netherlands. They were great to work with and very talented and bring a unique vibe, which is important to me.

Tell us why it was important for you to share your music on underground pirate radio stations in the UK and how that exposure led to more connections on the mainstream level?

The underground is how my career started and I feel it’s important to remember where you started from, and keep the loyal listeners up to date with new tracks that you are putting out. These stations gave me the platform I needed, the public are very influential in helping your exposure, therefore leading to more and more people knowing about your music. When I started out, the internet was not as popular and powerful as it is now. The underground was essential to get my music out to the public.

How did your music end up being featured in Noel Clarke's movie ‘Legacy’?

My track ended up being featured in “Legacy” through my music and name being heard throughout the U.K. music scene from me doing radio, shows etc.

The team got in contact with me and asked me to me involved in the project which is a real achievement, especially as Noel Clarke is someone I admire.

What are some of your most important goals musically for this year?

I want to release the album, do more live shows and get my music out there internationally. I want my music to reflect my stories and experiences in a way people can relate to and to continue to work with phenomenal producers who help enhance my creativity. I’m excited for what 2019 brings.

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