Interview: VA Based Rap Artist Newy Gee Talks About His EP "The Shady Lady Motel" and What's to Come in 2018

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We started 2018 out on the right foot by connecting with Winchester, VA based rap artist Newy Gee for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released EP "The Shady Lady Motel", find out what he feels was his biggest accomplishment in 2017, and much more.

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Tell us about how you got started as an artist. Was there a specific artist, album or event in your life that propelled you towards music?

I started writing raps around 10 years old with my cousin AJ who went by Newy Rocky at the time. At first it was just for fun, just kind of a thing we did, but he took it seriously recording his music while I just continued to occasionally write just to rap for close friends at parties and whatever. Fast forward a couple years later, I'm 16 and I get introduced to a guy that goes to my high school in Winchester, VA by the name of Tyler who is pretty much family now, but he had a small collective called Everything Dope who was popping in the area even though its a small town and he fucked with the style of music I made, so we went on to make a bunch of music together until I joined the Army. At this point I had pretty much given up on making music and during my service I went through this crazy depression that had me spiraling out of control. I needed an outlet to take thoughts out of my head so I started writing again until I found a studio to record it.

Congrats on the release of “The Shady Lady Motel” EP. Describe your creative process for this project for us. How long did it take to complete and did you have an overarching theme for it?

I appreciate it, truly. As far as the creation of the tape. I watched a movie called the Machinist with Christian Bale and how he couldn't sleep and it seemed like all his demons were lingering with him. With the things going on in my life at the time, I couldn't relate to anything more. There is a scene in the movie where he rides a rollercoaster with this kid and he shields his eyes as they past a set displayed as the Shady Lady Motel. That part felt profound to me. I remember that part vividly because it drew all these random songs I wrote together. As far as the inspiration for the tape, it was just the daily experiences I was living. From being put on antidepressants, conversations with my dad, an ex of mine dying from a heroine overdose, Being put in a psych ward after a bad acid trip. It was all just a personal hell I was living in my head and creating these songs released the angst. I'm really not this much of a downer in person but, I truly believe I walk between the living and the dead. This is the only way I'm able to open up and I hope it can save someone like it saved me.

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Can we expect some visuals for the tracks on the EP? 

Yes. The Vacancy video is done and it's so dope but, external things have slowed the process of release for it. It will be out late January..... Maybe.

What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment as an artist in 2017?

My brother Tyler has a little brother and he has always loved my music. I shot a video in October with Lil Skies homeboy Nick Jandora for my song Vacancy and my biggest accomplishment was hearing that his little brother was in his room rapping trying to set up his room like the room is set up in the video. That's honestly the coolest thing in the world.

Following up on the last question, what are you most looking forward to in 2018 in regards to your music?

I've been recording for my next project "Medicine Cabinet Mirror" at ID Labs in Pittsburgh. I'm excited because I learned a lot of lessons making this past project as far as quality of sound and how to record. I know what I need to do this time. That's just as far as music goes. I still have a lot of lessons to learn but nothing worth having is easy. 2018 will be fun.

Lastly, I would just like to say this was cool, you guys are doing something really cool for the culture and I hope you guys prosper. Keep doing what y'all do.

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